Dragon Raja Outfits | How to Change Costumes and Clothing Items

Dragon Raja Outfits How to Switch Costumes

The Dragon Raja outfits are extremely eye-catchy, no matter your choice of class or gender. Featuring a beautiful mix of western, eastern, and futuristic styles, the range is fairly considerable. Yet, most costumes have some strict requirements to be unlocked, and a few of them can only be purchased. But one of the things that Dragon Raja newbies want to do is change the outfits and see how the character looks in different clothes. It's an easy task later on, but not as straightforward initially as one might expect. Here is how to change outfits in Dragon Raja.

Dragon Raja Outfits | Where can I switch outfits?

Dragon Raja Costume Party Mood

As you progress through the first hours in Dragon Raja, you gradually unlock new options. Soon you'll get to dabble in things such as allies, mounts, skills, and more. But one of the things that is instantly accessible is your inventory, where you can also see what gear your character is equipping.

This is where some of the confusion stems from. You frequently earn rewards such as hats, weapons, shirts, shoes, gloves, rings, necklaces, and pants, equipping them as they increase your rating level. But then you begin wondering why your character's appearance remains the same, and why he or she isn't wearing that cool baseball cap.

The answer is that these pieces of equipment aren't supposed to change your appearance. They are merely used to increase your character's basic and random stats, with looks being an entirely different matter.

In order to change your Dragon Raja outfits, you must click on the “+” sign and then on Wardrobe. This is where you choose your outfit among the ones that are unlocked, but you can also see the locked costumes and sometimes their unlocking requirements. You can also change other items such as haircut, necklace, earring, headwear, facing (mostly glasses), body tattoo, face tattoo, back, weapon, and rain gear (umbrellas).

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