Dragon Raja Parkour | How to run up buildings and fly

Dragon Raja Parkour

The more you play Dragon Raja, the more features you discover as you roam the expansive world. There’s a lot more than what you see at first sight, including hidden quests and mini games galore. Character movement is fairly advanced, with options such as jumping making an appearance, and you have to agree that this is something that many MMORPGs purely neglect – isn’t it frustrating when your skilled hero can’t climb over a small fence or rock? That’s why the parkour skills aren’t just there to look pretty, they pave the way for new exploration opportunities that can’t be disregarded. How can you perform these awesome Dragon Raja Parkour skills?

Dragon Raja Parkour | How to climb buildings and fly

Dragon Raja parkour

Besides running and using vehicles on land and air, Dragon Raja features a very useful dash option. This is how you can get that nice speed boost and run up buildings like you see in the most amazing sci-fi movies. To do this you have to face the building, run in its direction and press the dash icon. One push of the button should get you running up the building, while a second tap will enable flight mode, allowing you to soar the skies at high speed and travel faster than usual.

Obviously, parkour is extremely useful for a few reasons. The first one is to explore the maps and find out where the designers could have hidden NPCs that will give you optional quests. The second one is for stylish reasons alone, as there aren’t many open world MMORPGs that allow you to have this level of freedom and control over the way that you explore the maps – it looks cool when you’re sprinting up those walls. Finally, it gives you a new way to see the sights of the beautiful maps, with Tokyo being the highlight.

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