Dragon Raja PenPen Locations Guide | Limited Time Event

Dragon Raja PenPen Locations Guide

With the Dragon Raja X Evangelion collaboration event, players enjoyed the best of two great anime worlds. But we had a lot more than giant models of the Evangelion 01 and 3rd Angel Sachie, a mount, outfits, exclusive events, the new Beyond the Heart anecdote, and so on. One of the new distractions is a hunt for 20 PenPen, a penguin creature that will send you on an adventure comparable to Tokyo Guidance, the anecdote where you had to scour Tokyo in search of many Adams. However, PenPen will be available for a limited time, disappearing (forever?) on May 12, 2021, so if you want to grab an exclusive title get to searching him as soon as possible. Our Dragon Raja PenPen locations guide will save you the trouble and point you in the right directions.

Dragon Raja PenPen Locations Guide | Where to Find All 20 PenPen

Dragon Raja PenPen Locations

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Thankfully, the penguin known as PenPen isn't great at blending with the environment, so you may spot it fairly easily, as long as you stay alert. However, it is spread around several locations, so finding 20 PenPen isn't as easy as one may think.

The PenPen doesn't disappear immediately after being discovered, so hopefully you won't get confused in the process. Each PenPen rewards you with one EVA coupon, and collecting them all gives you the exclusive title “Traveler of the Red Sea.”

Below you will find all PenPen locations and places, with the coordinates to take you to the exact place where it is standing.

Chizuru (4 PenPen)

  • 199,232 – On the ledge near the road
  • 118,134 – Inside the secluded garden, get there by jumping or flying
  • 232,93 – Near the roadblock
  • 220,166 – Near the basketball court, on top of the orange car

Tokyo Tower (2 PenPen)

  • 104,60 – Outside the Tokyo Tower
  • 34,45 – Next to Eiffel Tower hologram

Tsukuyomi Prison (2 PenPen)

  • 39,85 – Close to the fence
  • 88,48 – To the rear of the house

Hydra Palace (2 PenPen)

  • 78,91 – Beneath the trees
  • 34,29 – Corner of the room

Hydras (4 PenPen)

  • 337,137 – Near the shore
  • 306,189 – Between slot machine and postbox
  • 232,246 – Next to the river (somewhat out of the trail)
  • 198,267 – Near the big rock

Hot Spring Resort (2 PenPen)

  • 16,20 – Near the chairs
  • 4,4 – By the sauna

Ehime Prefecture (4 PenPen)

  • 356,343 – Entrance of the train
  • 206,190 – Forest, near a tree
  • 199,377 – Sightseeing area, near rock
  • 75,306 – In front of house

That is the end of our Dragon Raja PenPen locations guide. Enjoy this limited event and the exclusive title reward, because it is unlikely to return anytime soon.

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