Dragon Raja Pet System | When can you unlock pets?

Dragon Raja Pet System Adams Tamago Cat

In MMORPGs, pets aren’t something that is only designed to look cute and fluffy. These little creatures usually lend their skills to your character in combat and serve as a nice boost to your combat power, or character rating as it is called in Dragon Raja. No matter your class choice, you’re going to have a pet or two at your side, but you must work hard before you can unlock them. The Dragon Raja pet system isn’t entirely different from what you’ve seen in other MMOs, but when can you unlock pets? This guide is going to show you when.

Dragon Raja Pet System | How to get the first pet

Dragon Raja Pet System Unlock Adams

Your first Dragon Raja pet is a robotic companion called Adams. Pets level up and evolve through three stages, with the ultimate form being the most powerful one. You have cats, dragons, and more species waiting for you, but it won’t be an easy task unlocking them all.

Your first pet, Adams, will start its service at level 50. He blips around and asks for battery recharging, delivering some funny quips that aren’t to be taken seriously. His main purpose is to give you a rating boost and to deliver a helping hand during combat. Do not neglect his help and remember to always use the pet nutrients to level up. The second pet, the Tamago Cat, can be unlocked at level 65. However, you must be lucky enough to earn it via a quest or purchase it from the store.

When you have two pets at your disposal, you can form a squad assigning them to a light and a dark slot. This increases the attribute converting rate and gives the pet a chance to cast its ultimate skill in combat.

Remember: pets don’t just look cool, they give an essential boost to your rating and combat expertise.

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