Dragon Raja Risk in Mirror Guide | Full Anecdote Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Risk in Mirror Guide

Some mirrors in Dragon Raja seem to take you to the past, or at least one specific mirror sitting inside the Cassell College library. There's a memory in the mirror, or better still, four memories in the mirror that are randomly triggered. It's safe to say that this anecdote might take you a few weeks to beat, due to its unpredictable nature. It's incredibly easy and straightforward, but like other anecdotes such as Breadwinner, it's the trigger part that makes it convoluted. Hopefully, our Dragon Raja Risk in Mirror guide may help you up to a point.

Dragon Raja Risk in Mirror Guide

Dragon Raja Risk in Mirror Guide

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Risk in Mirror – A mirror that shows the past

The Risk in Mirror anecdote, also known as Memory in the Mirror and Through the Looking Glass anecdote is very random and can’t be completed in a single day. You must try the Library mirror at different times and hope that it might trigger. Some say that you should go to EVA at the Principal’s Office to greet her first, and use the vision/second sight near the mirror, but I have found no evidence that this improves anything. You can try it though, it won't hurt. The encounters are also random and prone to repetition, so it may take you many tries before you get the mission that you are missing. I've met Finger and EVA a few times at different hours, so even the timing seems to be random.

There are four encounters in total and you must complete them all before achieving the Risk in Mirror anecdote. In no specific order, you'll meet EVA, Finger, Adams, and Finger with a young girl.

Go to the Library and approach the mirror (39,69). If the gods of RNG favor you, the Memory in the Mirror anecdote is going to trigger. You enter a “dungeon,” sort of (don’t leave it), and have ten minutes to find the character that you triggered. They are always standing at the same location, so go upstairs and go through the open door to find him, her, them or it (88,60).

You'll have to meet a delirious Finger standing on the ground, the always assertive EVA, her little robot butler Adams, and Finger with a mysterious young girl. Try at different times because it seems to be different for many players.

By the time that you get the last of the four encounters (repetitions don't count), you have reached the end of this anecdote. Hopefully this Dragon Raja Risk in Mirror guide helped you complete it and score the five anecdote points and title that it gives you.

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