Dragon Raja Third Career | What is coming after Superstar and Chef?

Dragon Raja Third Career Photographer

One of the highlights of Dragon Raja is the freedom that you have to partake in different actions and activities. At level 40 you can choose between the Superstar or Cuisines careers, with the second option being available at level 60. This means that you won’t be locked out of one or the other, thus exploring the diverse sidequests that this MMORPG offers. Furthermore, it’s a great way to see new locations and animations created with Unreal Engine 4 for this stunning game. But there’s an empty slot for an upcoming career path, so what can the Dragon Raja Third Career be?

Dragon Raja Third Career | What is next in store for the career system?

Dragon Raja Third Career Photographer

While being a teen idol or the greatest Chef is an amazing feat, every multi-skilled player wants to dabble in more and more activities. Apparently, the devs are keeping the third career in complete secret, but they left a revealing hint in the game that leaves no margin for error. It’s useless to look around, you’ll either easily spot it or completely miss it when it shows up for the first and only time.

Early in the game, you are asked what is your preferred way to level up, as you can see in the picture above. You are offered three choices: PvP, Casual, or Standard. PvP needs no introduction, while Standard is an all-encompassing mode where you should try everything at your disposal. It’s when you pay attention to the Casual option that things become interesting.

Sporting a clear focus on careers, the Casual path has the following headline: “Become Superstar, Grand Chef, or Photographer!”

There you have it, the hyphotetical third Dragon Raja career is Photographer. All things considered, this makes perfect sense because that the game looks amazing and you already have several spots where you can take a photo to share with your friends. However, on March 28, 2020, Archosaur Games revealed that the third career is Store Owner, so you'll have to wait a while longer to get that camera and start taking some pictures in a career path.

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