Dragon Raja War or Peace | Which Path Should You Choose?

Dragon Raja War or Peace

At the beginning of Dragon Raja‘s Chapter 2, you are faced with a tough choice – shall you choose War or Peace? A meeting set within the Hydra Palace and including influential figures such as Masamune Tachibana, Chisei Gen, Erii Uesugi, Shyo Miyamoto, and others will decide if you are going to war with the Devil Clan or not. Such a heavy decision isn't something that you can take in a lighthearted way, because when you begin a war, there is no going back. So, what should you choose when you are faced with the Dragon Raja War or Peace dilemma?

Dragon Raja War or Peace | Should You Choose Fight or Peace?

Dragon Raja War or Peace Fight or Peace

This isn't the first major decision that you have to make in Dragon Raja. You have faced other sensible events, including the Save Anton or Not quest. Many Dragon Raja missions affect your personality traits, something that shapes your future dialogue choices. However, some of your decisions aren't as open as you may have hoped for.

When the War or Peace mission shows up, represented by a Fight or Peace chart, you are asked to vote for your preferred course of action. Will you go for War with the Devil Clan, or try a peaceful route? When the results are in, it's clear that the decision was made for a long time – war is the only way to go and your vote doesn't change anything about it.

War wins by six votes against five votes for peace, and Masamune Tachibana is adamant about this outcome, saying “Violence is our only answer! Let's fight!”

As it turns out, your vote was a mere formality and this quest is “rigged” for the War option. It's a shame that you really don't have any effect on this, but making a second path for all those characters would put some considerable strain on the development team, so it's understandable. In the end, all that tension and hesitation that you may have felt when the Dragon Raja War or Peace choice showed up was for nothing.

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