Dragon Raja Yellow Rubber Ducks Quest | Where to find the Parkour NPC

Dragon Raja Yellow Rubber Ducks Quest

The Dragon Raja world has many activities to entertain you apart from the main questline. You just have to look around and you should find other challenging ways of putting your skills to the test. Tokyo, for instance, is a sprawling metropolis that is way bigger than it looks at first when you’re stuck in the ground and forget that you can parkour like a pro if you pour your heart into it. Parkour is going to take you places and perhaps you get to meet Eddie, the parkour tutor, who is patiently waiting for you in Tokyo’s rooftops. He is the one who is going to give you the Dragon Raja Yellow Rubber Ducks quest, an optional mission that can get you a few extra rewards. However, it won’t be an easy task.

Dragon Raja Yellow Rubber Ducks Quest | Where to find the quest giver NPC?

Dragon Raja Yellow Rubber Ducks Quest Eddie Parkour NPC

Eddie is a patient guy, but he isn’t fooling around. First and foremost, you need to find his whereabouts, something that becomes easier with the help of the Dragon Raja coordinates system. Travel to Tokyo and go to the following location: 433,468. You’re going to have to climb the skyscraper since Tokyo is a no-fly zone, meaning that you can’t rely of a flying vehicle to take you up to the skies.

In case you don’t know exactly where to start, here are a few pointers. In Tokyo, look for the Kakanb tower; you can’t miss it, it’s the huge block with the purple and white neon façade. Dash to climb it all the way to the top, adjusting your path as necessary. When there isn’t anywhere else to go, that’s because Eddie is somewhere nearby wearing his nightwalker suit, waiting for players who are willing to give his quest a go.

The yellow rubber ducks quest isn’t an easy one, as you must scour the rooftops of Tokyo in search of the 13 targets. Besides, you can’t dash anymore during this quest, so you must rely on jumping alone to travel the area. If you happen to fall, there’s a handy option to return to the starting area near Eddie; nonetheless, it is a challenging quest that only the best will be able to beat, so start practicing your skills.

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