Dragonicle Gift Codes List (April 2021) | Master Topia Coupon Codes

Dragonicle Gift Codes

Updated April 21, 2021 | X-Legend Entertainment is the Taiwan-based studio behind Dragonicle, a new MMORPG that is known as Master Topia in some regions. The western release is the subject of a name change that seems to blend the words Dragon and Chronicle, a fitting mix since you will tame dragons and take them along. X-Legend was once a prolific studio known for quality MMOs such as Aura Kingdom (a lackluster sequel was released in 2020). Grand Fantasia, and Twin Saga, among others. But back to Dragonicle, which is releasing in 2021 for Android and iOS. You can earn some rewards by using Dragonicle gift codes right from the pre-registration phase, as we're going to show you. Keep reading!

Master Topia and Dragonicle Gift Codes Guide

Dragonicle Gift Codes

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You can get your first Dragonicle gift entirely free by pre-registering on the official website. Follow the instructions and you'll receive a custom gift code that you can exchange as soon as the official launch arrives. X- Legend is going to release further codes through the usual means, which includes official social media pages. Facebook, Twitter, and Discord are the places to keep under a watchful eye.

Dragonicle Gift Codes List

  • 4388766P9GKA (redeem for B.Diamond x100)
  • AQXMBW3JXMGJ (redeem for B.Diamond x100)
  • 5AQCSRBAHCMM (redeem for B.Diamond x100)
  • R47R53Q3GQH8 (redeem for B.Diamond x100)
  • X864FMKRK48C
  • VIP888
  • A5GDPH44938H (released April 5 on Facebook chat adventure – expires April 23, 2021)
  • JBKGH56DN4H6 – (redeem for B.Diamond x100 – expires Dec 31, 2021)

Master Topia Gift Codes list

  • 9sdjhd55
  • gjvuuuaiix
  • 9nnddxx
  • gtxevic7xs
  • 9kkbbvv

The Dragonicle coupon codes don't seem to be case sensitive, so all you have to worry about is in entering the code exactly as it was distributed. Each account can only redeem a code once, so even if you have several characters, you can't use it more than once.

The Dragonicle global release date is April 13, 2021.

How to Redeem Dragonicle Gift Codes

Dragonicle Gift Codes redeem guide

According to official info spotted on the Dragonicle page, this is how you claim the coupon codes:

  • In-game, go to X-Widget
  • Tap the Gift box icon and enter your activation code

As for Master Topia exchange codes, the actual redeem process seems to be different and more elaborate.

  • Play the game until you reach level 50, which unlocks the Perks menu
  • Tap Perks on the upper right area of the screen and go to Gift Code
  • Enter your exchange code and tap Claim Pack


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