Exos Heroes Broken Airship Guide | How to Complete

Exos Heroes Broken Airship Guide

Besides being visually stunning, Exos Heroes has quite a few events to help you level up your heroes. The Exos Festa is one of the mandatory places for anyone who is looking to progress in this game, so keep checking it regularly to see how you are doing. You can think of it as some sort of achievements that reward you with cool items and currency, among other things. So, what is preventing you from discovering how to complete this mission? Read our Exos Heroes broken airship guide to learn what you must do.

Exos Heroes Broken Airship Guide and Tips

Exos Heroes Broken Airship Guide

You can check the Exos Festa missions from your airship main menu by clicking the icon on the left, right below the quest list. The Broken Airship mission doesn't show up by pure magic, however; you must add a few friends, and join an alliance and air squadron just to make sure. When this bit is done, you must complete dailies for a few days. Eventually, the broken airship mission will show up in the Exos Festa list.

The next step is to go to the world map where you see the little characters running around. When you see a speech bubble with the phrase “Help me,” move immediately in that direction because there's a broken airship in need of your help. The airship is from one of your friends, hence the need to add friends and join an alliance. Click on it and off it goes, brand new.

To complete the broken airship quest and earn the achievement, you must do this a few times. However, you can only do this once a day, so it's not worth bothering with it for a second time. You must wait for the next daily reset to continue the mission and finally claim the achievement.

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