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Exos Heroes Tier List Guide

Exos Heroes is one of the best hero collector RPGs around. Publisher Line Games delivered a visually thrilling game to the world, with over 200 heroes created in painstaking detail. The great graphics are a definite highlight of the game, but it's the gameplay that carries it. With such a large roster, it's only natural that finding the best heroes isn't an easy task. Even the tier S heroes aren't a guarantee that you're going to win the battles, since building a strong and versatile team goes way beyond that. You have to balance tanks, healers, carefully consider the front and back row units, and much more. This Exos Heroes Tier List guide will point you in the directions of some units that are definitely recommended.

Exos Heroes Reroll Guide

Exos Heroes tier list guide Zeon

In case you're looking for a Exos Heroes reroll guide, we have a few pointers for you. This game isn't very friendly for rerolling, because unlike a few others, you don't have the luxury of retrying your first gacha pull. It's only after completing the prologue missions that you get to do your first summon, something that can take a little over 30 minutes.

Obviously, you should always aim for the 11x gacha pull, preferably using the Fatecore chance increase option whenever it's available. Keep playing until you have 700 Xes, the in-game premium currency and go for the 11x pull.

Check the Exos Heroes Tier List guide and if you don't get a hero of your liking, rerolling is pretty much inevitable. You have two options at your disposal.

The first one involves going to Settings, choosing Withdraw and typing “DELETE” (in caps). Now you must login with a new email account or wait seven days to reroll, something that isn't exactly the greatest choice.

The other option is to have a few different emails at your disposal for an Exos Heroes reroll. If the first time wasn't satisfactory, it's time to log out of this account and login with another email. You can do so by going to Settings, clicking on log out and then log in with a different email. Give it another shot to see if you got an S tier hero.

When you're happy with the result, keep playing and use the Selection Recruit to get another good unit for your team. Go to Airship -> Recruit -> Selection Recruit -> Select.

Exos Heroes Tier List Guide

Exos Heroes Tier List Guide Bernadette

Now that you know how to reroll, let's check the Exos Heroes Tier List Guide with the best heroes in the global release. These are the ones that you should be aiming for:

  • Bernadette (Frost – Attack – Magical – Fire)
  • Anastasia (Frost – Support – Magical – Darkness)
  • Baraka (Machine – Chaos – Physical)
  • Bathory (Frost – Attack – Magical)
  • Sabrina (Fire – Attack – Physical – Nature)
  • Rood Zeon (Fire – Attack – Physical – Light)

Having one of these heroes is going to significantly boost your team power. While you can use Bernadette as an all-rounder attack unit, Anastasia is also invaluable due to being a healer and a great one at that. Rood Zeon isn't easy to come by, but he is a terrific tank, as his shiny gold armor shows. Baraka is also great at physical attacks and a hero that is suited for the front row.

While the above are considered Tier S or S+ heroes, there are other units that aren't as strong but should also be used for the lack of better heroes. Astarte is a Legendary 4-star hero with a remarkable counterattack passive, while Deva, the budget Harley Quinn, is a very useful ranged unit.

Hopefully this Exos Heroes Tier List guide helped you find and use a few S tier units. If you have any other hero suggestions or even if you want to share your perfect hero team, let us know in the comments. There's a free Exos Heroes coupon code for you in our gameplay impressions below, so give it a look.

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