Genshin Impact 1.1 Patch Notes: Release Date, New Characters, World Boss & More

Genshin Impact 1.1 Patch Notes

The breathtaking anime RPG Genshin Impact is going to receive its first major update, version 1.1, called A New Star Approaches. Developer miHoYo is committing to a regular update release schedule, with each new expansion launching every six weeks. While most players were hoping that the gap between each update was shorter, this should give everyone enough time to explore the hidden wonders of Teyvat and unlock those other characters. The following Genshin Impact 1.1 Patch Notes are unofficial, but we've managed to dig up most of the important info thanks to official tidbits and leaked information. Until miHoYo releases the official update 1.1 patch notes, this is the best way for you to find out what's coming.

Genshin Impact 1.1 Release Date

The first thing that you should know is what is the Genshin Impact 1.1 update launch date. This isn't a secret anymore – it is coming on November 11, 2020. While the initial announcement in Chinese left some doubts regarding the global schedule, it turned out that these are worldwide update release dates.

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Besides update 1.1, we also have the 1.2 and 1.3 release dates. Here they are:

  • Update 1.1 A New Star Approaches release date: November 2020.
  • Update 1.2 release date: December 23, 2020
  • Update 1.3 release date:

You can find more info about every update in our Genshin Impact update release guide.

Genshin Impact 1.1 New Characters

Genshin Impact 1.1 Patch Notes

There are four brand-new characters coming with the A New Star Approaches update. These are Childe a.k.a. Tartaglia, Zhongli, Xinyan, and Diona. Here are some fairly detailed descriptions, courtesy of Reddit user Polonoid75.

Childe (5-star Hydro / Bow character)

Standard basic and charge shot. His Elemental Skill replaces his bow with a melee basic attack, consisting of dual water knives and a water polearm in his combo, and the skill has no cooldown meaning you can switch between either of his basic attacks on the fly. He has 2 different Elemental Bursts: with his bow out, the burst shoots a water shot that inflicts a special debuff on enemies and automatically refunds you some elemental energy. This combos with his melee Elemental Burst, which is a big slice that consumes the previous debuff to do more damage than usual. His passive increases the basic attack talent of everyone in the party by 1 level!

Zhongli (5-star Geo / Polearm character)

His basic attacks are uniquely animated compared to Xiangling's polearm attacks, with him stabbing his spear into the ground before kicking it back out causing it to spin. His charged attack makes him teleport forwards as energy spears rain in his path. His Elemental Skill can be pressed to create a monolith with area of effect damage, or held to cause a burst around him destroying Geo element objects like shields or ore immediately. His Elemental Burst summons a meteor which turns enemies to stone (works like the frozen effect!). His abilities scale with max HP and he has the passive of returning 15% of ore used to craft polearms!

Diona (4-star Cryo / Bow character)

She's the daughter of Draff from Springvale, and works as a waitress at Cat's Tail in Mondstadt! Standard basic attack string. Her Elemental Burst tosses an iced drink like a molotov which both damages enemies and heals your teammates within the area it creates on the ground. No matter how much I searched, I couldn't find what her Elemental Skill is anywhere, and the fact that the skill icon is a paw print inside of a bubble with cat ears doesn't tell much.

Xinyan (4-star Pyro / Claymore character)

She's a rock star from Liyue! Standard basic attack string. Her Elemental Skill has her swing her guitar (don't ask why it has a blade on it), the more people she hits with the swing, the stronger resulting shield she gains, also scales with DEF. Her Elemental Burst creates a sound shockwave around her as she plays her instrument, dealing knockback and setting the ground ablaze. Her passive gives her a 12% chance to gain double result from cooking DEF boosting food!

City Reputation System

Genshin Impact 1.1 Patch Notes

One of the highlights of the 1.1 update is the new City Reputation System. Details on this system were released to the public ahead of the Genshin Impact 1.1 Patch Notes. You can unlock this system at Adventure Rank 25 and by completing a required quest in each city:

  • Mondstadt Reputation: Complete the archon quest “The Outlander Who Caught the Wind” Prologue: Act I.
  • Liyue Reputation: Complete the archon quest “Farewell, Archaic Lord” Chapter I: Act II.

Additional cities are surely going to feature their own reputation system, with a specific quest as a requirement.

You can interact with certain NPCs to accept quests and increase your reputation with each city, earning various rewards in the process. There are region quests in Mondstadt and Liyue, as well as the familiar world exploration quests, such as unlocking waypoints, opening chests, finding oculi, and other activities.

Rewards include namecards, wing gliders, additional city features, condensed resin, portable stove, portable waypoint, treasure compass, and more.

You can find the complete information on the City Reputation System.

New Story Content, World Boss, Quality of Life

The story continues with new quests that mark the end of the Liyue Harbor chapter. One of the most exciting prospects is the boss battle against Childe / Tartaglia inside the Golden House. This fight can be repeated later, just as it happens with other world boss fights such as Boreas or Stormterror. The community is already excited about the chance of getting new character Zhongli fighting against Childe.

As for quality of life improvements, here is what you can expect, although there may be others in store for us.

  • PlayStation 5 compatibility is one of the upcoming additions, enabling faster loading times and improved graphics.
  • You can lock weapons and artifacts so that you don't accidentally use them as enhancement materials
  • A compendium should allow you to learn more about the beautiful flora and fauna of Teyvat.
  • A new camera lock option will prevent it from automatically switching position and zoom level
  • The extra EXP that you lose when leveling up weapons will now be converted into ore
  • Units that go on expedition will be available to use in the party as well
  • Daily resin can be stored as condensed resin for use at a later date
  • 40 resin can be used in domains to double the rewards

We'll add the official Genshin Impact 1.1 patch notes as soon as miHoYo releases them into the wild.


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