Genshin Impact Birthday Rewards | What Do You Get for Your Birthday?

Genshin Impact Birthday Rewards

Genshin Impact features a birthday option that took many players by surprise. While this isn't entirely new, it is mostly used for registration purposes only. In this game, however, you can get a few rewards during your birthday if you don't forget to input your date. But what sort of Genshin Impact birthday rewards are in store for you and how can you claim them?

What Are the Genshin Impact Birthday Rewards?

What Are the Genshin Impact Birthday Rewards?

First and foremost, during the game you should go to your profile menu and see that the birthday field is empty. This is right below the World Level, and you have a small pencil icon in the top right corner of the menu, next to your nickname. Click it and choose edit birthday. Enter your birthday and wait patiently for the day to come… or enter a fake birth date so that you can get the rewards right away.

What kind of Genshin Impact birthday rewards do you get? You must check your in-game mailbox to receive the rewards, which consist of Cake for Traveler, a very special item. Go to your inventory and use the cake to receive fragile resin. This item restores a bit of your original resin, which is a sort of energy system for some events, such as Abyssal Domains.

The best thing about this cake is that it won't disappear after you use it. You get to keep the “cake leftovers,” which means that every so often you should be able to use the cake again, earning more fragile resin.

This may not be the greatest birthday gift of all time, but what were you expecting? A full 5-star character such as Venti or Diluc? At least, it should give you a little help in advancing your Adventure Rank, and that's already a good thing in my book.

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