Genshin Impact Cross-Platform Support | Does Genshin Impact have Cross-Play?

Genshin Impact Cross-Platform

Genshin Impact is on its way for a late 2020 launch, and what started as a game for PC and mobile devices is now targeting a vast number of platforms. The PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles will also get miHoYo's anime online RPG, and Xbox One players are eagerly expecting an announcement, but that is uncertain as of yet. With so many options to play this beautiful game, gamers are wondering about the possibility of cross-play. Is Genshin Impact cross-platform, or is this something that isn't going to happen?

Is Genshin Impact cross-platform?

Genshin Impact cross-platform

Genshin Impact is going to support cross-platform play. The devs announced the feature by the time of the final closed beta, when the PlayStation 4 version was known to be a part of the test. The official info stated that players on PC, PlayStation 4, and mobile devices could team up and take on challenges together, with Genshin Impact supporting up to four players in cooperative play.

The Nintendo Switch wasn't mentioned at the time of the final closed beta, which means that it will only be playable sometime during open beta. As to if Genshin Impact Switch cross-play is going to be a reality, we'll have to wait for further news.

Oddly enough, there aren't many big-name cross-platform games in 2020. Even Warframe doesn't support cross-play yet, although it is a feature that many players have been requesting over the years. It's not just a matter of technical challenge; there are other barriers that need to be overcome, usually involving difficult negotiations with console manufacturers.

Genshin Impact is the kind of game that substantially benefits from cross-platform play. You may have friends who prefer the PS4 version while you like to play on PC, thus allowing you to join forces and have fun without any hurdles getting in the way of your enjoyment.

So, there you have it: Genshin Impact supports cross-platform play between PC, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS devices, and probably cross-save as well. We'll update this guide when we know for sure if the Nintendo Switch version is going to feature cross-play or not.

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