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It's no secret that miHoYo is working on a Genshin Impact housing system. Such feature was announced way back in August 2020, before the game officially launched a month later. Along with new regions and cities, housing is one of the most anticipated features coming to the open world action RPG, and quite a lot of work for the developers. It is also one of the highlights of recent leaks, with leakers revealing content from the Genshin Impact 1.5 Beta client. While all this info is subject to change, it seems that housing will be called Homeworld system in the game, and there are a few tutorials online explaining a few of the mechanics. Here's a Genshin Impact Homeworld guide based on the available information.

Genshin Impact Homeworld Guide | Housing System Tutorial

Genshin Impact Homeworld Guide | Yanfei Pyro Character

Yanfei, a new Pyro character rumored to come with the 1.5 update

Before reading any further, you should be warned that the latest leak comes from Genshin Impact leaker Project Celestia, and is publicly available on Twitter. Everything is subject to being changed or downright removed before it releases in the game, possibly with the Genshin Impact 1.5 update.

Unlike Honkai Impact 3rd, miHoYo's previous game, housing in Genshin Impact isn't chibified, so to speak. This means that you'll see your characters just as you do in the “normal” adventure, instead of a cuter, chibi format that the aforementioned game and many others use.

Your first step to have your own Homeworld, or plot of land, and house is to find a new object called Serenitia Pot. Much like the Parametric Transformer, you have to equip it, use it, and finally interact with it. This will take you into your Homeworld, and the same action can be done to return to the normal game world – you can also do this by opening up the map and clicking one of the teleport waypoints to leave.

Players may remember the quest The Realm Within, featuring Madame Ping and her larger-than-life teapot. This seems to be the same concept for the Genshin Impact housing system, where you enter your own pot to enjoy your own personal space and commodities. You can also let your friends into your Homeworld for a quick tour, and conversely pay a visit to other players' Homeworlds.

While inside the Serenitia Pot, there's a spirit NPC that you can talk to in order to manage your house. This is probably where you access the creation system and combine materials to craft furniture and other items. You'll need various types of wood to build most of the items.

Genshin Impact Homeworld Guide Farming Materials | Wood Types

You're going to need wood to create the various furniture types – lots of wood. You can get this all over the world in Teyvat by chopping down trees. Deforestation, here we come!

Below you can find a list of types of wood that you can gather by cutting down trees:

  • Fir Wood (gathered by cutting down Fir trees)
  • Fragrant Cedar Wood (gathered by cutting down Cedar trees)
  • Birch Wood (gathered by cutting down Birch trees)
  • Cuihua Wood (gathered by cutting down Cuihua trees)
  • Bamboo Segments (gathered by cutting down Qingce Bamboo)
  • Sandbearer Wood (gathered by cutting down Sandbearer trees)
  • Pine Wood (gathered by cutting down Pine trees)

With wood in hand (so to speak) and other materials, you can start creating your house. The more furniture you add, the higher your Adeptal Energy Rank of your Sereniatea Pot is. The higher it gets, the faster you earn Realm Currency.

Genshin Impact Housing System Guide | Realm Currency

As you may have guessed by now, there's a new Genshin Impact currency coming with the housing system. It is called Realm Currency (as always, subject to change) and it can be used to purchase various furniture items such as lamps, chairs, tables, beds, shelves, and so much more.

Sometimes, a Teapot Travelling Salesman NPC will visit your Homeworld, and he may bring some rare items for you to purchase. If you are tired of waiting for him to show up, you can try to visit other players' Homeworlds, since you may find him there once in a while, if you're lucky.

According to the sources, you can acquire blueprints for entire furniture sets, such as a dining table and chairs, allowing you to place the full set at once. However, you can make adjustments to each item as you wish.

Once again, remember that this Genshin Impact Homeworld guide is based on leaks and much of it is subject to change. We'll have to wait and see if the Genshin Impact 1.5 update brings the housing system, but whatever happens, we're surely getting a lot of content to sink our teeth into.


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