Genshin Impact Housing System | Can You Build Your Own House? (Update)

Genshin Impact Housing System

Update: Leaks on Twitter as of March 2021 show the Genshin Impact housing system in action. It is a fully-fledged housing system that you can decorate and explore with your actual characters, unlike Honkai Impact 3rd where you had chibi versions instead. Housing comes with its own private islands as expected, so this will be a restricted area of Teyvat where you likely can invite your friends to join you. You can even have pets in your house, but can you pet the dogs and cats? We'll have to wait and see.

Original Story: Genshin Impact is shaping up to be huge, and the impact – pun intended – that the vast field of view causes will make you wonder about a few things. One of those is just what kind of surprises await you; the other is the time that you will spend running between places – no worries, there are teleport waypoints conveniently spread across the world of Teyvat. But a recurrent thought is the idea of being able to set up shop in a region of your liking. Building your house, decorating it with all kinds of furniture, and watch the traveler and the rest of the party hanging about the place. So, is there a Genshin Impact housing system?

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Can you Build Your House in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact housing system

The official answer to this is “yes, you can”! But don't get your hopes up right away, because this bit of info comes from a FAQ that developer miHoYo released in July 2019. Here is all that the team had to say about building your own homes in the game world:

“Yes you can! (o゜▽゜)o☆ But you may have to wait for somewhere between 1 and 10,000 days for it to be ready… Please give us more time”

An interview from August 2020 corroborated the intention to create a home system. MiHoYo co-founder Forrest Liu said that the official launch on September 28, 2020 is just the beginning, and the work on the game is only going to increase. One of the planned features is the housing system, but no further details were released.

So, you won't get to build your cozy home at launch, and it's unlikely that the housing system update is released during the coming months. However, it's good to know that has been under development for a while now.

The other question about the Genshin Impact housing system concerns its type. It could be simlar to what we get in Honkai Impact 3rd, a chibi dorm that you access independently of the rest of the game's world. Hopefully miHoYo will go for a proper housing system like the ones that we have in MMORPGs – you find a plot of land in the world of Teyvat, build your home and watch your fellow adventurers doing the same, making the community thrive. We can only hope.

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