Genshin Impact Interactive World Map | Treasures, Events, Shrines…

Genshin Impact Interactive World Map

The world of Teyvat is sprawling and filled with mysteries. Genshin Impact‘s land comes with many dangers, but also rewards for the most daring travelers. You're going to want to collect these to improve your party, but some items aren't exactly easy to spot. You need to master the navigational skills of your heroes and learn the landscape in order to reach many of the places. Sometimes you have to jump off from a cliff and carefully glide to pick up a tricky Anemoculi. Thankfully, there is a Genshin Impact interactive world map that you can check to see the exact location of every important item in this anime action RPG.

Genshin Impact Interactive Teyvat World Map

Genshin Impact Interactive Teyvat World Map

Genshin Impact is occasionally called Breath of the Waifus, due to its initial comparisons with Nintendo's Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Jokes aside, it is a wonderful and charming open world RPG with much to see and do. There's survival elements, action combat with elemental reactions, side-quests, dungeons, optional cooperative play, and of course, the main storyline that takes you through many iconic locations and cities. The first two to be revealed are Mondstadt and Liyue Harbor.

In Teyvat, treasure chests abound. Some of them are ripe for the taking, but others require you to pass a short test before unlocking. Either way, it's worth going the extra mile because they are filled with valuable items and you may eventually get one of those epic weapons that will substantially boost your character power.

Teleport waypoints are of extreme importance as well. Since you'll be doing a lot of running, its' crucial to find these teleport points. The Genshin Impact quests are going to take you places, and using teleports is a very comfortable and fast way of traveling across the land. Use them whenever you can, because it could also save you from the dangerous creatures lurking around.

* Full credit for the making of this map goes to @Newtrat and @thezion

Never underestimate the importance of the Statues of the Seven. These monuments reveal a new part of the world map when found, but they are also capable of reviving or healing your team members. If you worship the statues by donating Anemoculus, you'll unlock valuable boosts as well.

There are several other points of interest in this Genshin Impact interactive world map, so make sure to use it to its fullest. You can choose to display or hide icons such as Anemoculus, Geoculus, Teleport, Statue of the Seven, Challenge, Boss/Enemy, Event/NPC, Treasure, and Shrine. Hopefully, as MiHoYo releases new content and cities, the authors will update it and turn it into an essential tool for the community.

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