What is the Genshin Impact Main Character Name?

What is the Genshin Impact Main Character Name

In Genshin Impact, you play as one of two twins. You get to pick your favorite right during the intro cutscene, a decision that seals the fate of both characters – the one that you choose will be your main character, the Traveler, while the other is taken by a mysterious deity and must be rescued. The Traveler is but one of the dozens of heroes that you can recruit and control, but you should get used to him or her, because it is a very interesting and resourceful 5-star character. With that being said, what is the Genshin Impact main character name? Surely it's not a plain Traveler, right?

What Are the Names of the Genshin Impact Primary Characters?

Genshin Impact Main Character Name

The Genshin Impact main character name is Aether for the male and Lumine for the female. You can hear the name being shouted in distress by one of them during the intro, as the unknown god fades away.

The two blonde siblings use a broadsword as a weapon and their element is adaptive, which means that it can be switched according to the vision of the Statue of The Seven. Your character will have the help of the reliable and bubbly Paimon, also known as emergency food. This is your guide for the whole adventure, a small and charming fairy of sorts that has become the mascot for Genshin Impact everywhere, including social media and among the community. Paimon can also be considered one of the main characters of the game, although she is an NPC.

Although the Traveler represents the player during the cutscenes, Aether or Lumine are just one of the many characters that join you in your adventure in Teyvat. Some of the most desired characters by the gaming community include Keqing, Mona, Diluc, Venti, and Xiangling, among others. As developer miHoYo releases new cities to join the existing Mondstadt and Liyue Harbor, new characters from said regions and with specific elements are also going to make an appearance. A housing system and an outfit system are just a couple of the features that are planned for Genshin Impact.


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