Does Genshin Impact Have Mounts and Pets?

Genshin Impact Mounts Pets

How would you like to explore Genshin Impact‘s wondrous world Teyvat riding a trusty mount? Or by having a fellow pet by your side… you know, one that isn't Paimon, because this is one sticky emergency food. Exploring the vast map is a very appealing activity, as you discover new landmarks and cities, but all that running can get a little tiring. Thankfully, miHoYo added a teleport system that spares you from going back and forth between points of interest, so that's a big plus. But what does this tells us about Genshin Impact mounts and pets, are they in the game, planned as future content, or completely scrapped?

Is There a Genshin Impact Mount and Pet System?

Does Genshin Impact Have Mounts and Pets

No, mounts and pets are not a part of Genshin Impact at the time of launch. Paimon, the “spokesperson” for the game justified this reasoning by saying the following: “The cute animals in Teyvat are used to freedom at the moment… Give them (and us) more time and we will see.”

You're going to have to practice those running and gliding skills, it seems. Unlocking teleport waypoints and Statues of the Seven is crucial for your progress, since the map is huge and we're only talking about a fragment of the global size at launch.

But that vague answer from the developers leaves the field open for the introduction of mounts and pets. It may take some time before we get to see Amber riding a horse or Klee running around with a fluffy bunny right behind, but this may be a part of what miHoYo has planned for future content in Genshin Impact.

Besides, Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game, which means that it has to make money and be sustainable somehow in order to support its long-term development. Although there is a gacha system in place, offering mounts and pets could be another very appealing way of monetizing the game. Only the future will tell, but I wouldn't mind having my own tamed dragon to soar the skies of Teyvat.

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