Genshin Impact Multiplayer Guide | How to Play Coop With Friends

Genshin Impact Multiplayer Guide

The wonderful anime RPG Genshin Impact is capturing many hearts and minds due to its beautiful open world and charming gameplay. It is an adventure that can be lived solo for its entire duration, but developer miHoYo added a multiplayer mode so that you can join your friends in exploring and dungeon challenges. However, this mode isn't immediately accessible, so you need to know when and how to unlock it. This Genshin Impact multiplayer guide will tell you that and a few more tips and tricks to make the most out of it.

Genshin Impact Multiplayer Guide | Coop Play Tips and Tricks

If you were hoping to start the adventure with a friend, get ready for a cold shower. The multiplayer mode only unlocks after a few hours of solo play, at Adventurer Rank 16, to be precise. Do not confuse this with character levels, since this rank is your overall game progress. Each character in your party levels up individually according to how much you use him or her, but it's your world progress that matters for the Adventurer Rank.

When you reach Adventurer Rank 16, the joys of Genshin Impact multiplayer open up to you. You access the multiplayer mode by clicking on the small star icon on the top left of the screen, to the right of the mini-map, or by pressing “F2” on PC.

In the multiplayer menu, you can choose to show players who are joinable only, and select your requirements for others to join your world – join after approval, allow direct join, or reject join requests. You can search players by username or user ID as well.

Multiplayer supports a maximum of four players (also known as Travelers), and while you can take on monsters, run dungeons (a.k.a. domains), find treasure, and explore the world of Teyvat together, there are some limitations to your actions. For example, you can't complete the main quests in co-op mode, these are only doable when your friends leave your game world.

When you join another Traveler's world, you can't open chests, pick up anemoculi, geoculi, or make an offering to the Statues of the Seven. These statues still replenish your health points, though.

As you join another player's world, your current character is going to show up. However, you can go to your character menu and choose the one that you prefer from the available selection. In case the world only has two players, you can choose two main characters to switch on-the-fly using the normal shortcut. With the four slots are occupied, each player is still able to switch their character, but you have to resort to your character menu to do so.

We hope this helped, and we'll expand on this Genshin Impact multiplayer guide as we find additional relevant details.

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