What is the Genshin Impact Price on PC, PS4, Switch, Android and iOS?

Genshin Impact Price

Genshin Impact is causing quite an uproar of late and rightfully so. The new game from miHoYo, creators of the successful action RPG Honkai Impact 3rd takes a drastic change of direction, but shows the Chinese studio at the top of its game, both in artistry and game design. It is bound to become one of the hits of the year, and 2021 should only make it better. One would expect such a game to come slapped with a hefty price tag, but when all is said and done, what is the Genshin Impact price?

How Much Does Genshin Impact cost?

Genshin Impact PS4 Price

In case you don't know it already, Genshin Impact is free-to-play. This means that there is no price tag at all, you can play it for free in any platform where it is going to be released: PC, PS4, Switch, Android, and iOS.

However, this doesn't mean that you can't buy a starter pack, which is exclusively available for PlayStation 4, at least to begin with. It may eventually be released for other platforms, but we'll go with the Genshin Impact PS4 price for now:

The Genshin Impact Starter Bundle includes many items such as Acquaint Fate x2, Currency: Mora x150,000, Character EXP material: Adventurer's Experience x80, Fine Enhancement Ore x50, Food items, and more.

You don't need this bundle to enjoy the adventure in Teyvat, but having convenience items such as the ones above won't hurt anyone. Acquaint Fate is a currency that can be spent in the gacha system, where you recruit new heroes and gear, so it's going to be one of your main pursuits in the game. Bonus experience is always welcome, as are the remaining items. This isn't a vital purchase, but it's always great to support the developers of this great open world RPG, who need the revenue to create future content and keep the game running for many years.

Regarding Genshin Impact Founder's Packs for PC, Switch, and mobile, there is nothing official yet. We'll update this guide if miHoYo decides to release additional bundles.

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