Is Genshin Impact Related to Honkai Impact 3rd?

Genshin Impact Related Honkai Impact

Before Genshin Impact came Honkai Impact 3rd, the game that placed Chinese developer miHoYo under the spotlight for the whole world to see. By late 2020, the colossally successful mobile action RPG found a new home on the PC platform, and is still getting frequent updates since it first launched in China during 2016. miHoYo's next game, Genshin Impact, is undergoing a much heavier scrutiny, part of this due to the many comparisons with Nintendo's Breath of the Wild. But what strikes most gamers as odd is the “Impact” part of the names – is Genshin Impact related to Honkai Impact 3rd at all?

Are Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd Connected?

Genshin Impact Related Honkai Impact

The answer is no, Genshin Impact isn't related to Honkai Impact 3rd apart from the fact that both games are developed by miHoYo, are original IPs created by the Chinese studio, and share the “Impact” word. Oh, and the dazzling anime art style as well. This was confirmed by the studio when Redditor FaMe_SMG-Ex directly asked them: “As for Genshin Impact's relation to Honkai Impact 3rd, we are sorry to inform you that the two games are not related.”

Honkai Impact 3rd places you inside a sci-fi world featuring many battles and an invasion by a malevolent force called Honkai. On the other hand, Genshin Impact is an open world anime RPG with a more whimsical fantasy style, allowing you to explore a large map and discover seven main cities, each one with its own theme and element.

Honkai Impact 3rd is the third game in the Honkai series, following the lesser-known Guns GirlZ – Honkai Gakuen, and the first title of the franchise, which is really hard to track down and allegedly abandoned. It could be FlyMe2theMoon, or Zombiegal Kawaii, both games featuring Kiana, but at this point that's just speculating.

While Honkai Impact 3rd's success saw it receive a host of support material such as an ongoing manhua, Genshin Impact's development process is the exact opposite. miHoYo first created the Genshin Impact manga, which you can read in the official website, and later revealed the game itself.

As you can surely assess by this info, Genshin Impact isn't related to Honkai Impact 3rd at all. It is its own game based on the original manga created by miHoYo, and is likely going to become a it, with future content already announced, including new characters, a housing system, a costume system, and more.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game launching on September 28, 2020 for PC, PS4, Android, and iOS, with a Switch version coming at a later date.

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