Genshin Impact Steam Release Date | Is Genshin Impact Coming to Steam?

Genshin Impact Steam Release Date

Far from the times when it was seen as a chaotic and troubled digital platform, Steam is nowadays regarded as the destination of choice for the majority of PC players. When a big game like Genshin Impact is approaching release, it's usual to see player requests for a Steam release. However, due to different reasons that aren't worth bringing up in this space, this doesn't always happen. So, what are the odds of us getting a Genshin Impact Steam release date?

Is Genshin Impact Coming to Steam?

Genshin Impact Steam Release

A source from inside MiHoYo told us that the team currently doesn't have any plans for releasing Genshin Impact on Steam. He added that for the official launch, the studio is going to stick to its own launcher. Gamers who have played the PC version of Honkai Impact 3rd should know what to expect, but if you managed to play any of the Genshin Impact betas on PC, you are perfectly familiar with the kind of launcher that will be available at launch.

Nonetheless, this isn't set in stone. Some games eventually end up on Steam a few months after its original release, so there's no saying what will happen to Genshin Impact. The odds that you get to play this game on Steam on the day of the official launch are extremely slim, most likely non-existant.

Our advice is that you shouldn't wait for a Genshin Impact Steam release date. You'll be missing out on a very good game, and it could be a long time before miHoYo decides on taking it to Valve's storefront. Besides, the team's launcher seems very solid, so you're not going to experience a terrible launch like it happens with other games such as Phantasy Star Online 2 PC.

Genshin Impact is at the forefront of a new batch of very promising cross-platform online games, which includes Gran Saga and Tower of Fantasy.

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