Genshin Impact Swan Quiz Guide | Mondstadt Questions and Answers

Genshin Impact Swan Quiz Guide

Pulling new heroes and exploring Teyvat to collect its abundant resources is great, but you shouldn't miss out on the terrific lore for several reasons. The first reason is that every character comes with a rich background that could reveal their hidden intentions – could Paimon be the bad guy after all? -, and the other reason ties with the events that miHoYo regularly releases with cool rewards. For example, the short-lived A Thousand Questions with Paimon event measured your knowledge of everything Genshin Impact, from character skills to lore. There's another event of smaller scale where you have to answer some questions to get the best rewards, but it only activates via a daily commission with an NPC near the gates of Mondstadt. This Genshin Impact Swan quiz guide will let you know what to answer.

Genshin Impact Swan Quiz Answers Guide

Genshin Impact Swan Quiz Guide

As you surely know, daily commissions in Genshin Impact are an optional but crucial part of the game. By completing four random daily missions, you earn important rewards and experience points, and returning your work to Katheryne in Mondstadt or Liyue Harbor gives you another batch of rewards. You shouldn't miss out on these quests for another reason: you can claim story keys as well by completing daily commissions.

While most commissions involve eliminating a group of enemies, from treasure hoarders to hilichurls, some task you with other activities. You may have to deliver something to someone, or answer a few questions if Swan, Knight of Favonius, has anything to say about it. It's your straightforward question and answer trivia, but make sure that you don't fall for some of the trick questions, as the choices may be similar, yet there is only one right answer.

Since we always want the best in every Teyvat challenge, this Genshin Impact Swan quiz answers guide should point you in the right direction. You only get three questions at a time, but it's good to know the answers beforehand.

Q: As I’m sure you are completely aware, the affairs of the Knights of Favonius within the city walls are currently under the management of Ms. Jean. My question, then, is: What is Ms. Jean’s official title?
A: Acting Grand Master

Q: According to knightly etiquette, what is the proper form of address to use when speaking to known individuals encountered within Mondstadt’s borders?
A: Strange yet respectable traveler

Q: To the northwest of Monstadt are some ruins. Legend holds that it was once a city where a tyrant ruled from his tower. It has since been occupied by Dvalin, who shelters himself there. My question is this: What is the official name now given to these ruins by the Knights of Favonius?
A: Stormterror's Lair

Q: You've definitely met Miss Amber before, haven't you? I'm sure her passion was most memorable indeed. So my question is this: What is Amber's official title as a Knight of Favonius?
A: Outrider

Q: I'm sure you're familiar with Mr. Kaeya. He does often make a deep impression. Here's my question: What is Mr. Kaeya's official title in the Knights of Favonius?
A: Cavalry Captain

Q: Do you remember Miss Lisa? Hahaha, well, if you've ever failed to return books to the Library of the Knights of Favonius on time, you'll remember her for sure. My question is this: What is Miss Lisa's official title in the Knights of Favonius?
A: Librarian


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