Genshin Impact Update Release Date Guide

Genshin Impact Update Release Date

Despite the considerable size of Teyvat, the Genshin Impact launch on September 28 brought only a fraction of what miHoYo has planned for the game. With only two of seven cities, there's a lot of uncharted land waiting for players. This is a game that is only going to grow with time, and it's easy to see that the development team is in this for the long run, based on what has been teased already, and what rumors tell us. If we were to predict what's coming by looking at the studio's previous game, Honkai Impact 3rd, we'd say that at least five years of content would be a reasonable guess. But no more guessing, let's get on with the facts and with this Genshin Impact update release date guide.

Genshin Impact Update Roadmap

Genshin Impact Update Release Date Guide Mona

This is where we'll bring together all the news regarding past and future Genshin Impact updates. While we're shooting for official info, rumors and leaks may also be added as long as we find that there's some substance to them.

There are a few things that we can take for granted, since they come straight from miHoYo. The first one is that they are planning to release these version updates with a frequency of one every six weeks. Their aim is to release each update on a Wednesday, a practice that is common to many developers.

Here is the current update roadmap (scroll down for the latest planned updates):

Genshin Impact Update 1.1 A New Star Approaches Release Date: November 11, 2020

The first major content update for Genshin Impact is going to add an event called Unreconciled Stars, and four new characters: Childe, Zhongli, Diona, and Xinyan. PS5 backwards compatibility, a portable waypoint, and a city reputation system are some of the other new features. It is coming more than a month after the global release.

Genshin Impact Update 1.2 The Chalk Prince and the Dragon Release date: December 23, 2020

The second Genshin Impact update is a substantial one, bringing the new Dragonspine area (known as Longji Snow Mountain in the original) and associated event.

Genshin Impact Update 1.3 All That Glitters Release date: February 3, 2021

The Genshin Impact update 1.3 is scheduled for February 3, 2021 and the first thing to be revealed is the release of the Lantern Rite event series (Sea Lantern Festival in the original). This probably has something to do with the Liyue Harbor Lantern Festival, a beautiful event that lights up the skies. Xiao is the new 5-star character, and there's a new tower defense mode called Theater Mechanicus.

Genshin Impact Update 1.4 Invitation of Windblume Release date: March 17, 2021

For the Genshin Impact 1.4 version update we'll have the Windblume Festival with plenty of activities and mini-games. The main storyline will move forward with the new boss Abyss Herald, Hangout Events will let you spend more time with Barbara, Noelle, Bennett, and Chongyun in quests offering different choices. Rosaria is the new 4-star character, a nun that is a cryo polearm user.

Genshin Impact Update 1.5 Beneath the Light of Jadeite Release date: April 28, 2021

Eula and Yanfei join the fray, there are two new hangout events, and a few new bosses. The highlight of update 1.5 is the addition of the housing system, called Serenitea Pot.

Genshin Impact Update 1.6 Midsummer Island Adventure Release date: June 9, 2021

Klee goes sailing and bombing hilichurls, the new 5-star anemo character Kaedehara Kazuha premieres, and this is the first time we see new Genshin Impact skins. Jean and Barbara show their summer looks with the cool skins.

More update release dates will be added to this guide as we find them.

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