Genshin Impact World Level Guide | How to Raise World Rank

Genshin Impact World Level

There's a lot more to the world of Genshin Impact than what you see at first glimpse. Teyvat is huge and filled with wonders and perils, but the best adventurers will be able to make the challenge even more dangerous than before. As your Adventure Rank increases, you get the opportunity to increase the World Level as well, paving the way for better rewards. The higher the risk, the better the rewards, as they say. This short Genshin Impact World Level guide will show you how and when you can change some of the rules in the world of Teyvat.

How to Raise Genshin Impact World Level

Genshin Impact World Level

The first minutes of Genshin Impact touch upon the subject of World Levels, but you'll only have to actually worry about it nearly 20 hours of gameplay later. Checking your current World Level is very simple, you just have to open up the options menu and see it below your Adventure Rank.

Reaching Adventure Rank 20 takes you instantly to World Level 1. When you get to Adventure Rank 25, World Level 2 becomes available, but not before you complete an Ascension Quest. At Adventure Rank 30, World Level 3 becomes available, and while we're yet to confirm what happens later, it's likely that there's a pattern to the way that you climb levels.

Every new World Level brings a few changes to the world of Teyvat. The obvious one is that you must face more dangerous enemies, so you should be prepared for tougher fights. To make up for it, the loot that common mobs and bosses drop is also of higher grade, making for a gameplay loop where you are better prepared to face harder foes.

Genshin Impact is a game in constant development, with miHoYo creating tons of new characters and content to release in the coming months and years. You can check the upcoming Genshin Impact cities to learn more about the places that you are going to travel to in the future.

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