Genshin Impact World Map | Mondstadt Map Act 1 and 2 Complete

Genshin Impact World Map Mondstadt

Genshin Impact features a vast open world that is thankfully fitted with many teleport waypoints. After unlocking a waypoint, you can easily teleport to the location and save yourself the trouble of running and gliding for a few minutes or more. Without mounts to speed up movement, it's clever to use waypoints and the world map to go wherever you need to, using navigation markers whenever possible. Still, having a complete grasp on the map is crucial to know where the major points of interest are. We managed to make a montage showing the main locations during the first and second acts, so take a look at the Genshin Impact world map below.

Genshin Impact World Map | Mondstadt and Surrounding Areas

Genshin Impact World Map Mondstadt

Mondstadt is the first of seven cities in Genshin Impact. The city of Wind is a majestic place with towering windmills and friendly denizens, being home to the famed Knights of Favonius. Your main way of accessing the city is via a bridge, being surrounded by water as a means of protection.

Liyue Harbor is the second city to be revealed by developer MiHoYo, having premiered during the second closed beta in March 2020. Featuring a completely different design, it is a remarkable and colorful city with some oriental influences. It is also home to the renowned Chef Xiangling, a character that plays an important role in the storyline, and one that you can also control. We'll update the map as soon as we unlock the remaining territories, revealing the sprawling world of Genshin Impact, and just a small part of the full game.

Take a look at the Mondstadt map below. Hopefully it will be useful for you to note where chests, anemoculus, and other important items are located. The next part of the map unlocks as you follow Xiangling into her home, Liyue Harbor.

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Genshin Impact Mondstadt Map

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