Godzilla Destruction Promo Codes List

Godzilla Destruction Promo Codes

Godzilla is the kind of monster that survives generations and remains timely, nearly 70 years after its genesis in Japan. Toho gave birth to this terrifying creature in the tantalizing 1954 movie, and it turned into a worldwide phenomenon through various types of media, spanning movies, games, toys, and many other pieces of merchandise. Godzilla Destruction is but one of three new titles developed by Toho Games, with the others being Godzilla Battle Line and Godzilla Run. We've played Godzilla Destruction and could see for ourselves that the devastating monster is prepared to receive some free gifts, so this is where we'll assemble a list of Godzilla Destruction promo codes.

Godzilla Destruction Codes List

Godzilla Destruction Promo Codes

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No Godzilla Destruction codes were released at the time of launch, April 27, 2021. However, there is promo code system set in place, which means that fans of the monster can expect a few rewards now and then. Any Godzilla Destruction coupon code is welcome, since it gives you the chance to earn items such as gems, which are used in the gacha.

The gacha allows you to pull for upgrade items and even new monsters, so there is definitely something that you could use. Every rampage spree is much better when Godzilla or any other monster can shoot laser beams from afar.

Here is the Godzilla Destruction codes list.

  • (no codes for now, we'll update this list as soon as they are made available).

In case you spot a Godzilla Destruction code that we haven't listed yet, drop us a comment and we'll share it with the community.

How to Redeem Godzilla Destruction Promo Codes

Godzilla Destruction Promo Codes

You can easily claim your coupon codes in the game. Get your rewards by following the detailed instructions below.

  • Launch Godzilla Destruction and play the tutorial
  • Go to the Home screen whenever possible
  • Tap the Settings options (cog icon) on the top right corner
  • In the new menu tap Option
  • Find and tap the Enter Code button on top of the screen (to the right of Options)
  • Enter your Promotion Code and tap Receive

Godzilla Destruction is a game of massive mayhem, but featuring extremely simple gameplay. You move the titular creature or any other that you may have unlocked, such as Rodan, Battra, Mothra, or Kingghidorah, in busy metropolis set in Japan, United States, and United Kingdom. Your goal is to crush the cities around the globe and leave a trail of destruction, as you take down helicopters, tanks, and more.

With a gameplay as intuitive as drag to move and release to attack, this is a game where you can play a few minutes every day. Godzilla Destruction is available to download from the Play Store and App Store.

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