Gran Saga Classes Guide | All characters revealed for the anime MMORPG

Gran Saga Classes Guide

Gran Saga is one of the latest MMO games to stir up the community, thanks to an accomplished gameplay trailer. Developer Npixel introduced us to a beautiful and expansive world, filled with lively anime characters and a combat system that yields promise. Gran Saga mobile and PC versions are in development, with plans for cross-platform, although the timing of this feature depends on the release window of each version. The Gran Saga release date is something that you should keep an eye out for, as it is planned for 2020 in Korea, but it’s also interesting to learn more about the playable characters with this Gran Saga classes guide.

Gran Saga Classes Guide | All playable characters from the anime MMO

Gran Saga Classes Guide Las and Seriad

We may be calling them classes, but Gran Saga is more veered toward a deep storyline, therefore going for playable characters with a pronounced and extremely distinct personality. This means that you won’t be facing the standard class choices such as Archer, Warrior, Mage, Paladin, and the like. Your tough choice will be made even the more difficult by a colorful selection of characters with a background, ideals, and a role in the world of Gran Saga. This also supports the theory that the Gran Saga classes are gender locked, something that isn’t going to suit everyone’s tastes but it is somewhat understandable given the story-driven campaign.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to tell the patterns beyond each character. Lars, for example, seems to be the big altruistic hero, the swordsman who isn’t letting anyone on his path steer him from his objective of righteousness and of protecting everyone. On the other hand, Seriad is the elementalist of the cast, a girl who has lost her memory but remains focused on her destiny.

The Gran Saga official website features 10 character slots, which could represent the classes that will be available at launch. Here are the Gran Saga characters revealed so far:

  • Las – Flame Swordsman
  • Quyi – Pyromancy Sorcerer
  • Seriad – Water Elementalist
  • Wyin – Earth Guardian
  • Namalie – Wind Sniper
  • Karte – Abysmal Assassin

Gran Saga Classes Guide | Swordsman, Sorcerer, Elementalist, Berserker, Gunner, Assassin

Let's take a quick look at the characters based on the available information and what we could gather from sources such as the stunning trailer and the official website.

Las – Flame Swordsman

Las Flame Swordsman Class

Las, the Flame Swordsman is the warrior of Gran Saga, the brave and righteous soul. He is a true sword master, but he also uses magic skills to create unwavering attacks. Las is extremely fast and a relentless melee character, although he isn't a stranger to some medium-range projectile attacks as well.

Quyi – Pyromancy Sorcerer

Gran Saga Quyi Pyromancy Sorcerer

Let all of that cuteness sink in. Quyi, the Pyromancy Sorcerer is the Gran Saga mage, although she has a penchant for everything that involves fire. Get ready for a deluge of fireballs, fire explosions, giant fire creatures, many smiles, and a voice that is characteristic of the loli class that Quyi is. She seems to enjoy fire a bit too much, but according to her bio, the only thing better than that is the money. At least she is being honest about it.

Seriad – Water Elementalist

Gran Saga Seriad Water Elementalist class

Seriad, the Water Elementalist has all the makings of becoming Las' love interest, but we're jumping into conclusions. She is a sweet and cute water elementalist (let's not call her Priest) who is able to summon aquatic creatures such as dolphins to attack her foes with devastating and visually stunning AoE attacks. She resorts to her harp in one of her skills, which could make her the healer of the party.

Wyin – Earth Guardian

Wyin Earth Guardian class

If you can't tell by the picture just which class Wyin, the Earth Guardian is meant to encarnate, you need to enroll in night MMO school as soon as possible. This is your tank, your colossal beast that is going up close and personal with the enemy and soak up tons of damage for the sake of the party. Using a huge hammer and shield, along with custom weapons that make him act as a brawler, Wyin is going to become your favorite berserker in Gran Saga. He surely loves to pounce and stomp the ground with all his fury.

Namalie – Wind Sniper

Gran Saga Namalie Wind Sniper class

Say hi to the Gran Saga gunner class, Namalie, the Wind Sniper. Don't be fooled by her artwork, she isn't restricted to a sniper rifle at all. While she definitely excels at long-range combat, Namalie has been seen using dual pistols, machine guns, and mini-guns. She is a truly fierce fighter, the exact opposite of the overly sweet but resourceful Seriad.

Karte – Abysmal Assassin

Gran Saga Karte Assassin classIf Ubisoft decided to make an anime Assassin's Creed, Karte, the Abysmal Assassin probably wouldn't be too different from the protagonist of that hyphotetical game – he even has the twin blades to go, and is able to perform a God of War chain attack that would make Kratos proud. Just as every other Assassin class, Karte just loves the dark, and his clothes surely won't tell you otherwise. Swift and deadly, Karte will fill the screen with his shadow as he moves around faster than you can track him.

The Gran Saga release date is scheduled for 2020 in Korea and a global release is highly likely to happen sometime later. We'll update this Gran Saga Classes Guide with new characters as they are revealed, so stay tuned.

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