Gran Saga Gacha System | Is Gran Saga a Gacha Game?

Gran Saga Gacha System

Gran Saga is an anime MMORPG and the first game from South Korean studio NPixel, a team includes veterans that worked on games such as Seven Knights. Developed for Android, iOS, and PC platforms, it is a free game, which means that you can play it for free as long as it launches in your region. This also means that the developers need to earn money to support continued development, something that usually happens in one or several ways: battle pass, founder's packs, or gacha mechanics, among others. So, should players be prepared to face a Gran Saga gacha system?

Is There a Gran Saga Gacha System?

Is There a Gran Saga Gacha System

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The answer is yes, Gran Saga includes a gacha system. However, this isn't going to feature the main classes, since this is where the Gran Weapon system comes into play. There are over 300 items and weapons to summon, with one pull costing 300 diamonds and 10 pulls setting you back 3,000 diamonds. These numbers may change before release, and there will surely be different banners and promotions as the game evolves.

Gran Weapons and gear comes in the usual rarities such as R, SR, and SSR, and can be equipped into your characters' slots. A Gran Weapon translates into a skill in battle, so all that beautiful character artwork is just for show, as you won't be seeing them on the battlefield as companions. You can also level up the weapons and gear.

The reason that you can't recruit actual characters in Gran Saga is because you choose your three starting classes from at the beginning of the adventure, from a selection of six. Additional classes are planned for future updates, but the way of unlocking them is yet to be announced.

Gran Saga was initially called Grand Saga, but the team decided to settle for the former designation. Crafted using Unreal Engine 4, it is often compared to Granblue Fantasy due to the somewhat similar character artwork and overall visual style.


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