Gran Saga Release Date | When is the anime MMORPG releasing?

Gran Saga Release Date

Gran Saga from NPIXEL was officially revealed by late 2019 and seemed like a promising entry in the MMORPG genre. However, it was in early 2020 that the first Gran Saga gameplay trailer dropped, showing a few minutes of this exciting new anime world. We got to meet the main protagonists, many locations ripe for exploring, and the exciting combat system. It's a fantastic trailer that ramped up the excitement for the game. Naturally, many players are eager to play it and started wondering about the Gran Saga release date. When is this anime MMORPG launching?

Gran Saga Release Date | When is the Gran Saga game releasing?

Hailing from the prolific South Korea, Gran Saga is one of those games where a global launch is more than likely. However, the first news on the Gran Saga release date have only mentioned Korea.

According to a developer stream on November 13, 2020, the Gran Saga release date is set for January 26, 2021. This date is specific to the Korean release, as the global release date is yet to be announced.

Here are the current Gran Saga launch plans, which we'll update as new info drops:

  • Gran Saga Korean release date: January 26, 2021
  • Gran Saga English launch date: TBA (estimated 2021/2022 launch)

The Gran Saga MMO is in development for PC and mobile devices being crafted with the Unreal Engine 4, and the plan is to make it cross-platform. However, the devs may release one version before the other, so this is a feature that may arrive later.

NPIXEL, a new studio founded by veterans from Netmarble, wants to shake the foundations of MMO games. Tired of the traditional vertical progression system, they want to take a different approach, opting instead for an horizontal progression system. One of the ways to do so is by introducing the Gran Weapon system.

Gran Weapons are support characters that come with their own weapons. It's not entirely clear just how different they are from pets or other companions, but the goal is to achieve a different playstyle according to the character that supports you.

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