Guardian Tales Tier List Guide | Best Heroes to Use

Guardian Tales Tier List Guide

Guardian Tales is a remarkable action RPG that pays homage to classic series such as Zelda, but never forgets about the current mechanics. Gacha, for example, has become a staple of mobile gaming, and it is one that many gamers adore for the possibility of recruiting several unique heroes. Our Guardian Tales reroll guide gives you the best tips to start off the adventure on the right foot, but which heroes should you aim for? Read on to discover our suggestions on the Guardian Tales Tier List Guide below, and don't forget to check our Guardian Tales coupon codes list to grab some sweet in-game rewards.

Guardian Tales Tier List | Best Units

Guardian Tales Tier List guide

As we've said before, it's a tough decision to choose between hero or weapon gacha. With over 50 heroes from classes such as support, ranged, warrior, and tanker, as well as weapons that are more effective if they are paired with a specific character, there's a lot to scratch your head. You must also take into consideration the fact that a hero may be great in PvE, but deliver an underwhelming performance in PvP, so be ready to make adjustments based on your own experience.

And this is exactly what this Guardian Tales Tier List is about, our personal experience with this amazing action RPG. We have divided the heroes into tiers, from SS tier down to B Tier. You may use the latest list of heroes early on in the adventure, but you should aim for the SS and S tiers whenever you want to upgrade and evolve units that are worth it in the long run.

The Guardian Tales Tier list guide will be presented in the following order, whenever we get the info: Name | Class | Exclusive Weapon | Title

SS Tier

The best units in the game and the ones that you should treasure the most. Don't forget to try to pair them with their exclusive weapon for the most effective results – let us know in the comments when some of the heroes receive exclusive weapons and we'll add them to the list.

  • Akayuky – Warrior | (no exclusive weapon) | Swordsman
  • Arabelle – Ranged | Genocide | Executive Red Hood
  • Bari – Ranged | Mayreel | Flower Girl
  • Bianca – Ranged | Astarte | Noble Succubus
  • Dolf – Ranged | Helios | Swindler Magician
  • Hekate – Ranged | (no exclusive weapon) | Sniper
  • Lupina – Warrior | Amarok | Ice Witch
  • Marina – Tanker | Armada | Grand Admiral
  • Tinia – Ranged | Sarnga | Dancing Archer
  • Vishuvac – Warrior | Volcanic Horn | Dragon Avatar

Vishuvac is one of the latest additions, a fast and strong unit that is perfectly suited for PvE and PvP action. Her element is fire and she has an exclusive weapon, the Volcanic Horn. If you manage to grab her – she is only available through character summon or mileage, at least initially – you should do your best to enhance her.

S Tier

S Tier heroes are valuable additions to any party of four. Until you get a team filled with SS Tier units, these heroes can get the job done.

  • Amy – Warrior | (no exclusive weapon) | Dual-personality Maid
  • Aoba – Ranged | (no exclusive weapon) | Leaf Fairy
  • Catherine – Ranged | Marauder | Dimension Traveler
  • Elvira – Ranged | (no exclusive weapon) | Red Hood
  • Eugene – Warrior | Brave Heart | Movie Star
  • Eva – Support | AngelVoice | Idol Captain
  • Eva – Ranged | Justice | Knight Captain
  • Fei – Warrior | (no exclusive weapon) | Kung Fu Master
  • Girgas – Ranged | (no exclusive weapon) | Fire Dragon
  • Lapice – Warrior | Innocence | Knight Lady
  • Lahn – Warrior | Pure Mind | Scrivener
  • Mei – Warrior | (no exclusive weapon) | Kung Fu Master
  • Plitvice – Warrior | Prominence | Goddess of War
  • Rachel – Ranged | Blue Rose | Pirate
  • Shapira – Warrior | (no exclusive weapon) | Dragon Knight

A Tier

A Tier heroes can be useful, but they won't take you far. Usually they are characters that you find early in the game, such as White Beast and Loraine, so don't expect them to be amazing units.

  • Aisha – Support | (no exclusive weapon) | Princess Aisha
  • Coco – Ranged | Witch Heart | Innuit Girl
  • Craig – Tanker | Silence | Aspiring Warrior
  • Favi – Support | (no exclusive weapon) | Twin Healer
  • Gremory – Ranged | (no exclusive weapon) | Mad Scientist
  • Karina – Support | Crescent Moon | Vampire Girl
  • Knight – Warrior | Libera | The Knight
  • Lavi – Tanker | (no exclusive weapon) | Twin Fighter
  • Loraine – Support | (no exclusive weapon) | Innkeeper
  • Marianne – Ranged | Merciless | Engineer
  • Marvin – Warrior | Vulkan | Desert Mercenary
  • Ranpang – Tanker | Firm Determination | Dragon Talon Clan
  • Sohee – Ranged | Magiton Buster | Scientist
  • White Beast – Warrior | (no exclusive weapon)
  • Yuze – Warrior | Tartaros | Succubus Adventurer

B Tier

These heroes are… well, they look cute and are helpful in the Floating Castle.

  • Agatha
  • Ailie
  • Blade
  • Bob
  • Davinci
  • Dragon
  • Hoshida
  • Hyper
  • Jay
  • Kang
  • Kate
  • Lina
  • Lisa
  • Leah
  • Maria
  • Mina
  • Nyan
  • Oralie
  • Peggy
  • Rio
  • Zoe


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