Harvest Town Gift Codes List (March 2021)

Harvest Town Gift Codes List

Harvest Town is a simulation RPG for mobile devices that seems to be inspired by a couple of hits in the same genre. In case you aren't familiar with the names that fans will surely related to, the names of the games are Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. After all, this rural adventure is all about building and tending to your farmhouse, but also going on cave adventures, finding treasure, and even chatting your preferred NPC into marriage. With RPG, puzzle, and social mechanics, there is a lot to do in this game besides caring for your livestock and flora. One of the ways that you can make farm life less challenging is by checking the Harvest Town gift codes list below, so keep reading.

Harvest Town Gift Codes Guide

Harvest Town Gift Codes List

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Developer Avid.ly is fast to release new promo codes into the wild, but these expire as fast as they were distributed. If you aren't quick to redeem the codes, it's very likely that they aren't valid anymore just a few days later, so keep on top of things if you want to reap the rewards.

And what kind of rewards do you usually earn? Stuff like in-game currency, potions, diamonds, and assorted materials that always come in handy. Don't waste any time and grab the codes when they become available:

  • 779a1ca3d2c0 (expires March 1, 2021)
  • 759a1db045f0 (expires March 1, 2021)
  • 769a1b9af4a8 (expires March 1, 2021)
  • 768a1b923f18
  • 758a1d653648
  • 766a1a442910
  • 765a1bb4cef0
  • 764a1bbc9df0
  • 685a1d3aade0
  • 712a1cafc330

How to Redeem Harvest Town Gift Codes

Harvest Town Gift Codes Redeem

Regular players will surely be familiar with the method to claim Harvest Town coupon codes, but newcomers can use some guidance. The simple instructions will take you through all the necessary steps.

  • Download and install Harvest Town
  • Launch the game
  • Tap the Menu icon on the upper right corner, next to your in-game currency
  • Go to the System tab
  • Enter your Harvest Town gift code and tap Claim

This is how you get your Harvest Town rewards. If you're not playing yet and find the concept and pixel-art style appealing, you can download the game from the Play Store or App Store.


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