Heroes War: Counterattack Coupon Codes List | Free Rewards (Feb 2021)

Heroes War: Counterattack Coupon Codes

Updated February 24, 2021 | Com2uS is on a roll, with the huge success of Summoners War: Sky Arena encouraging the studio to expand the franchise. 2021 should be a great year, with the release of MMORPG Summoners War: Chronicles and the real-time strategy game Summoners War: Lost Centuria. But there's another game as well, one that strays from the series and tries to create a new universe. Heroes War: Counterattack could mean the start of another “War” series for Com2uS, but it's too soon to know how it will fare. Right now, the best that you can do is use the following Heroes War: Counterattack coupon codes to enhance your characters.

Heroes War: Counterattack Coupon Codes

Heroes War Counterattack Coupon Codes

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries

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In Heroes War: Counterattack, although the nearly mandatory gacha summon is an integral part of the game, you can also recruit mercenaries without the randomness that comes with this feature. There's a mercenary contract option that allows you to hire whoever you think is a nice addition to the team. Will this be enough of a distinctive feature to make the process more appealing to gamers who aren't fans of gacha? Only time will tell.

Find the Heroes War: Counterattack coupon codes list for Android and iOS below:

We'll try to keep track of every new promo code that Com2uS releases for this game. The most likely places to spot redeem codes is in the official social media channels, in this case Facebook or Discord.

How to Redeem Heroes War: Counterattack Codes

How to Redeem Heroes War: Counterattack Coupon Codes

As it is often the case, redeeming codes on Android and iOS is a simple task. In the case of Heroes War: Counterattack, there are two ways that you can do it. Here's the easiest one, but this is likely to be exclusive to the Android version:

  • Tap on the blue box Event icon on the left of the screen
  • Tap the New tab on the top of the screen (to the right of Event)
  • Scroll down until you find the Coupon Exchange tab and tap it
  • Input your Heroes War: Counterattack promo code and tap Enter
  • The rewards will be sent to your inbox

For the second one, which is indicated to iOS players, you will need a HIVE account, so follow the instructions below:

  • Make sure Heroes War: Counterattack is installed
  • Login to your HIVE Account
  • Restart your game before claiming your coupon
  • Click the Coupon Link or enter the link in a web browser from your mobile device that has Heroes War: Counterattack installed.
  • Rewards will be in your Mailbox
    *Failing to follow the instructions will perish the coupon and cannot be retrieved.

Heroes War: Counterattack was released on November 19, 2020 for Android and iOS. It features a turn-based battle system with movement and attack direction control, as well as a counter attack move called Rage Skill.


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