How to Increase Friendship Levels in Genshin Impact

Increase Friendship Genshin Impact

Do you dream of becoming best buds with Keqing or Mona? Don't worry, there are ways for you to do so. After all, Genshin Impact is as much a lovely open world action RPG as it is a hero collector's dream, with dozens of characters that rank among the most stylish that any anime game has ever seen. If you want to unlock their past and discover what made them the great personalities that they are, you must raise each one's friendship level. This guide is going to show you how to increase friendship levels in Genshin Impact.

How to Increase Friendship EXP in Genshin Impact

Increase Friendship Genshin Impact Qiqi

Increasing friendship level in Genshin Impact almost comes off as a natural thing. The more you play with one character, the greater the bond between you, the Traveler, and that character will be.

You can easily check your Genshin Impact friendship level for each character. To do so, enter the Paimon menu and choose the Character icon. In the Attributes tab, check to the right where the character stats are (HP, Attack, and so on). Below that, you can see that hero's current friendship level, along with an experience bar.

To start raising the friendship experience, you can start by completing the first abyssal domains that the story throws at you. You won't get far just by relying on these, though, also because the Adventure Rank requirements will swiftly increase and lock early game players from more challenging domains.

So, one of your best bets is to complete Daily Commissions. These can be unlocked at Adventure Rank 12, and are mostly easy tasks that you can do every day. It can be about eliminating all enemies in a set area, answering some questions to an NPC, or traveling to a certain point in the map, among other things.

The other recommended task is to complete Ley Line Outcrops every day. These also reward you with companionship EXP – you can see that this is one of the rewards if you click on the quest icon and check the possible rewards.

After Adventure Rank 26, you earn a story key for every eight Daily Commissions completed. These keys can be used to unlock story quests.

What is the Friendship Level in Genshin Impact For?

As of update 1.1 A New Star Approaches, the character friendship level is only used to unlock voice overs and character stories in the profile. This may not sound like much for those who aren't into in-depth character lore, but we wouldn't entirely ignore the feature, and here's why.

Knowing miHoYo and the studio's plans for the future of Genshin Impact, the friendship bond may come into play later on. There are two big features that could tie into this: housing and outfits.

We may be speculating here, but if Honkai Impact 3rd is anything to go by, you may need a certain friendship level to invite a character into your house in Genshin Impact. The higher your bond, the more activities you may unlock.

As for the outfit system, we wouldn't be surprised if you could unlock a unique costume or glider by reaching a certain level. We'll keep following this topic.

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