How to Kill Timmie’s Pigeons in Genshin Impact to Farm Fowl

Kill Timmie's Pigeons Genshin Impact

Timmie isn't having a great life, you know. Not only he's an orphan, he doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the Mondstadt dwellers. Timmie even had to create an imaginary Ruin Guard friend to protect his beloved pigeons, probably his only real friends. It's no wonder then that he gets mad when you, the Traveler, show up and scare them away. “What happens if one day they leave and never come back again? Just like daddy…” Poor Timmie, and to think that we're about to make him feel even more miserable by killing his pigeons every single day. Here's how to kill Timmie's pigeons in Genshin Impact to farm a good amount of fowl.

How to Farm Timmie's Pigeons in Genshin Impact

Kill Timmie's Pigeons Genshin Impact

Fowl is one of the ingredients that you can use to cook dishes such as Chicken-Mushroom Skewer or Sweet Madame. It doesn't hurt to have dozens of these items, and while they aren't hard to come by, it's good to know that you have an endless fowl resource, thanks to Timmie's birds.

As you surely know by now, Timmie is located on the bridge that leads to Mondstadt. He is sticking to his pigeons, but you can change that without making him even realize that the birds are gone for good, at least until the next daily reset – yes, we're breaking the game, or shall we say, creating resourceful new ways of evolving your characters.

There are various ways of killing Timmie's pigeons, so you could experiment with other characters after reading this guide. For now, let's go with an Anemo character capable of AoE attacks such as Venti, or the Traveler himself. Carefully approach the pigeons without scaring them away, and then aim your Wind's Grand Ode skill (“Q” key on PC) to the pigeons. This will create a Stormeye that will instantly kill the pigeons and deliver the fowl that you were looking for.

So there you go, here's how to kill Timmie's pigeons in Genshin Impact . Seven pigeons, seven pieces of fowl every day, and Timmie isn't even a bit sadder than he was before. No harm no foul, right?

Check the Genshin Impact meme video below for a visual representation of this evil deed against Timmie, who definitely isn't leading a great life. Perhaps there's a super-villain origin story in there somewhere?

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