How to Play Blade&Soul Revolution Asia on PC in English and Anywhere

How to Play Blade&Soul Revolution Asia

Netmarble just released Blade&Soul Revolution on May 14, 2020 for Android and iOS. The initial impressions pointed to a global release, but it was in fact a misunderstanding, with this launch being exclusive to select Asian territories. If you were hoping to play this fantasy MMORPG inspired by the impressive PC original created by NCsoft, this may come as a shock to you. The global launch is coming somewhere down the road, but we can show you how to play Blade&Soul Revolution Asia on PC right now from any region in the world, thanks to Android emulator LDPlayer.

How to Play Blade&Soul Revolution Asia on PC in any Country

How to Play Blade&Soul Revolution Asia

With the frequent launch of new OS versions, it’s normal to see new games taking advantage of the benefits of the improved operating systems. Blade&Soul Revolution requires Android 6 and above, so Android emulators need to keep up with the times. The latest LDPlayer 4 emulator supports Android 7.1, which means that it is capable of running the game without issues.

Your first step is to download LDPlayer 4 with Android 7.1 support and install it. This process is simple and straightforward, and the emulator will be running in no time. However, when you go to the Play Store and search for Blade&Soul Revolution, you’re likely to stumble upon the following message: “Your device isn't compatible with this version.” This is a vague warning that may refer to many different aspects, from an outdated Android version to the unavailability of the app in your location.

Thankfully, there’s a very simple way to bypass this problem and get you playing select games that aren’t yet available in your location, such as Blade&Soul Revolution. Inside the LDPlayer, head over to the LD Store and search for the game, then press the three vertical dots and click Local Install. Blade&Soul Revolution is now installing, and the worries about the game not being available in your location became a thing of the past. Besides, you have access to full English localization, including a decent number of voice-overs which are surely going to be found in the upcoming global release.

Blade&Soul Revolution Quick Review

How to Play Blade&Soul Revolution Asia

Blade and Soul released on PC a few years ago and was acclaimed both for its brilliant art style and action combat. This mobile release is a faithful interpretation of the original but has to cut some corners due to the constraints inherent to portable devices. Thankfully, controls aren’t an issue anymore as you can use the keyboard and mouse, choosing your preferred key binds. Such degree of customization allows for a comfortable experience.

Before enjoying this MMORPG to its fullest, you should seek to push the graphical quality to the maximum settings. The default settings don’t do justice to Blade&Soul Revolution’s good looks, so if your computer is able to handle the extra strain, select the very high settings and turn anti-aliasing on to eliminate those rough edges.

The first two hours of gameplay act as a tutorial for the many features awaiting you. It’s only when you unlock the advanced combat options that the game truly begins to shine. There is a focus on chained moves where you need to expertly time your actions, creating impressive combos with a cinematic flair, and should come as something natural to skilled players. Quickly use backflips to steer clear of harm’s way and use swift back attacks to deal substantial damage to your foes.

The gameplay isn’t groundbreaking but offers sheer depth, and the storyline brings enough twists and over 150 cinematics to keep you immersed in this fantastical world. It also helps that your character moves at breakneck speed, with windwalk putting you in the shoes of martial arts movie star. With Open Field Faction War supporting up to 500 players, your PvP needs should be fulfilled as well.

Blade&Soul Revolution comes out highly recommended for any mobile gamer, but the experience is so much better when you combine it with the comfort of PC gaming on an Android emulator such as LDPlayer.

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