How to Take a Picture in Genshin Impact Photo Mode

How to Take a Picture in Genshin Impact

The whimsical landscape of Teyvat is bound to get you in the mood for some photo-shooting, so luckily Genshin Impact does have such an option. You can let your creative juices flow whenever you wish while traversing the regions of Mondstadt, Liyue, Sumeru, Snezhnaya, Inazuma, Fontaine, and Natlan, each one corresponding to a specific element – you can learn more about all the Genshin Impact cities and elements in a different guide. For now, let's see how to take a picture in Genshin Impact photo mode.

Genshin Impact Photo Mode | How to Take a Picture?

How to take a picture in Genshin Impact Photo Mode

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There's no escaping a few pictures in Genshin Impact, so the more reasons for you to get used to this mechanic. Be it a mission, an event, or just a pure leisurely shot to share with your friends, it will become a part of your journey.

The Genshin Impact photo mode function is extremely simple to use. All that you need to do is open up the main menu by clicking the Paimon icon (also pressing ESC on PC or Options button on PS4). There you'll find a camera icon which should show Take Photo if you hover your mouse cursor above it.

Pressing the camera icon will take you into the Photo Mode. You can use the commands to pan, zoom, hide the UI, and even change the pose and emotes of your character. Additional options are available such as background blur or hiding your character, this one in case you want to snap the scenery alone, because it can be jaw-dropping at times. When you have found the perfect angle for the shot, just press Enter for magic to happen.

Now that you get the gist, prepare yourself for more photoshoots. Experienced players are familiar with the Genshin Impact photo mode, having used it in events such as the Windblume Festival or by using the Kurious Kamera. With so many new playable characters and regions, you're surely going to put that camera to great use.

We hope this guide showed you how how to take a picture in Genshin Impact.


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