Hyper Scape Download Size | What is the Hyper Scape Install Size?

Hyper Scape Download Size

Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, Fortnite… Perhaps Hyper Scape is going to be your next favorite battle royale shooter? Ubisoft clearly put a lot of thought and effort in this game, giving it an AAA feel and some interesting mechanics to go along, including deep Twitch integration. But before you take the leap, you must know if you have enough hard disk space in your PC. So, what is the Hyper Scape download size and install size?

Hyper Scape Download Size

Hyper Scape Download Size

The figures that we're revealing are related to the technical test, which means that things are bound to change as the game enters open beta and then officially launches. However, these are surely useful as a reference, because Ubisoft's shooter already feels stuffed with the most important bits, including champions, weapons, and a fantastic city that is drop dead gorgeous to see and explore.

Without further ado, the Hyper Scape PC download size is 7.8 GB, with the install size clocking at around 8.4 GB. Once again, this file size is for the PC technical test, but it shouldn't differ too much from the official release. Naturally, the GB are likely to accumulate as Ubisoft releases new content further down the road.

As for the Hyper Scape PlayStation 4 and Xbox One download size, Ubisoft is yet to reveal it. By late 2020 we should know how much hard disk space console players are going to need.

HyperScape is a hyper-stylized futuristic battle royale shooter set in a thrilling virtual city. Encouraging athletic movement and exploration, this shooter supports up to 100 players per match and you can revive if you are cunning enough to find a pod and wait for your colleague to help.

We'll update this Hyper Scape guide with new info as we get it.

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