Infinity Kingdom Gift Codes List | How to Redeem (May 2021)

Infinity Kingdom Gift Codes

Updated May 11, 2021 | Infinity Kingdom (play for free on PC) is one of the best city building strategy games that you can play on mobile. Released in early 2021 to great acclaim, this game was developed by Youzu Games, a studio that has worked on titles such as Dynasty Scrolls and Forsaken World: Gods and Demons, among others. In the specific case of Infinity Kingdom, it's your task to step into the shoes of a lord and develop your realm from small settlement up to a kingdom. This is no easy task and you'll surely need some help to become the strongest lord, so free loot in the form of speedups, gems, and various other resources will give you the boost you need. Our Infinity Kingdom gift codes list is the ultimate free loot guide that you will ever need.

Infinity Kingdom Gift Codes List

Infinity Kingdom Codes

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Also called CDK or gift codes, the Infinity Kingdom codes provide you with some very interesting boosts to your kingdom. Every lord will surely approve of receiving free items such as gems, speedups, various types of precious stones, and other rewards that could make all the difference in the battlefield.

You can find the list of Infinity Kingdom codes and respective rewards below, whenever we have managed to note them down.

  • summerday
  • joindiscord
  • rsssellerbad (expires May 1, 2021)
  • mukharev
  • duckhunter
  • noraverse
  • aevatrex
  • brad
  • tom
  • kairostime
  • lex
  • rey
  • iferg
  • infinity
  • censor
  • echogame
  • tribegame
  • nagatogame
  • ojgame
  • samsung
  • sumsangus (doesn't work for every player)
  • chiefpat
  • clashwitheric
  • carbonfin
  • natwithaheart
  • legendrhony
  • beakerslab
  • brandof2p
  • jeffo
  • fleisch
  • ayeyahzee
  • stridox
  • huawei (doesn't work for every player)
  • gnuschenko (doesn't work for every player)
  • worthyprince
  • lastswagger
  • omniarch
  • shinchi
  • vitoshko ( might not work)
  • dragothien
  • losev
  • nozdrin
  • rifty
  • bordie
  • loserfruit
  • mrfruit
  • messyourself
  • oompaville
  • grothe
  • returngift
  • godson

How to Redeem Infinity Kingdom Codes

See those enticing Infinity Kingdom gift codes above? You can try them to get some sweet rewards. But if you're new to the game and wondering how to redeem a working Infinity Kingdom code, look no further – the simple and comprehensive step-by-step instructions below will guide you to the promised land of precious in-game freebies.

  • Tap your avatar picture on the upper left corner to open Lord Info
  • In the new window tap the Settings icon
  • Now choose the Redeem option
  • Enter your gift code and tap Confirm

Infinity Kingdom is free-to-play and available on the Play Store and the App Store. It has one of the highest ratings in both stores for a real-time strategy game, so you should definitely give it a go if you're a fan of the genre, there are many wiki guides around to get you started on the right foot.


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