Is League of Maidens an MMO, Single Player or Co-op Game?

Is League of Maidens an MMO

With the eagerly awaited open alpha release date set for February 25, 2021, much has been said about League of Maidens, and much more will be soon. The creation of three indie developers who gave it their all is about to be unleashed onto the world, generating heated discussions. Some love it for its openness, others aren't too fond of its tone, while many sit right in the middle, excited to see how it performs as an action game. But there are many questions surrounding it, most of them because development has seen quite some twists and the community isn't entirely sure of what to expect. Is League of Maidens an MMO, an MMORPG, a single-player game, or a cooperative game like Genshin Impact? Read on to find out.

Is League of Maidens an MMO or not?

Is League of Maidens an MMO

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There is only one answer for the question “Is League of Maidens an MMO?” The answer is no, it isn't an MMO. League of Maidens is a single-player free-to-play online action RPG, with a core gameplay loop that perfectly fits what one would expect from a multiplayer game. However, at the time of open alpha release, only a solo mode is available.

Developer Maiden Gaming has created a robust story-based third-person shooter set in various open world regions. You control a War Maiden that is able to fly and enter strongholds, the dungeons of the game, while leveling up her awakening level and skills.

If League of Maidens proves successful and the devs gets enough support and revenue to keep going, there are plans to add multiplayer to the game. League of Maidens originally started development as a MOBA game, but that plan was scrapped – we'll have to wait and see to confirm if the mode remains, or if any multiplayer mode is going onto a different direction.

Getting a League of Maidens key was a very difficult feat for those who didn't join the Patreon. Now, with the open alpha, everyone will be able to play like a super-hero.

You can download League of Maidens from the Steam page.


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