Is a Rogue Company battle royale game mode available?

Rogue Company battle royale

Multiplayer shooter and battle royale are two labels that usually go hand in hand, especially after the relentless rise of the hero shooter. However, it's a mistake to think that every competitive game where you have to take down your rivals using a varied arsenal is a battle royale game. Sure, Fortnite and Apex Legends have cemented the genre, and other games as of late such as Hyper Scape and Call of Duty: Warzone have done nothing but further prove the point, but there's more to it. Take Rogue Company, for example, the new shooter from Hi-Rez Studios. Is Rogue Company battle royale a thing, or if it isn't, could it become a reality?

Is Rogue Company a battle royale game?

Rogue Company battle royale

The answer is no, Rogue Company isn't a battle royale game. It isn't an hero shooter either, according to the developers at First Watch Games, because it relies above all on player skill and Rogue devices, not on an specific character and their ultimate.

Rogue Company is a mix of action and tactical shooter, as Hi-Rez Studios' Brand Director Bort told us in an exclusive interview. It features different game modes such as Extraction, Strikeout, Demolition, and Wingman. There is no battle royale game mode in sight, and while the idea crossed the developers' minds during early development, Rogue Company's direction steered clear from the battle royale genre.

However, that doesn't mean that something like that isn't planned. The only thing we know is that First Watch Games isn't going to add a battle royale game mode to Rogue Company during 2020, when the official launch is expected to happen. That's another bit of info that we gathered in our interview, and a way of saying that it isn't happening soon, but as future content is planned and player feedback happens, it isn't to be entirely excluded. The infrastructure allows for a Rogue Company battle royale mode to be created, it's only a matter of seeing if there's a demand for it and how Rogue Company could benefit from its inclusion.

So there you have it, Rogue Company is no battle royale shooter, and has no battle royale game mode at launch. Eventually, it may happen in the future, but the chances seem slim. Keep an eye out for Rogue Company's roadmap, because that's where things like that should be first announced.

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