Is Rogue Company Cross Play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch?

Is Rogue Company Cross Play

With the recent paid Early Access release of Rogue Company, fans of the shooter genre have a new game to go up against Riot Games' Valorant. However, the choice of a third-person perspective is bound to make Hi-Rez Studios' game stand out from a very broad and crowded genre. To succeed, this game must be polished and balanced almost to perfection, but it also requires a large player base so that matchmaking isn't an issue. Is Rogue Company cross play or that thought hasn't crossed the developers' minds?

Is Rogue Company Cross Play and Cross Save?

Is Rogue Company Cross Play and Cross Save

The answer to the cross-play question is a resounding yes, Rogue Company is cross-play and cross-save since day one. By this the devs mean July 20, 2020, when Early Access started.

This means that you can play Rogue Company against players from any platform where the third-person shooter is available: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, cross-save support allows you to play in your platform of choice, moving to other platform if you so wish without losing any of your progress.

With no restrictions in place where it comes to matchmaking, it is a lot easier for any player to find a match and dive right in. While the closed beta phase requires a purchase of one of three available Founder's Packs ($14,99, $39,99, and $59,99) to join the game, by late 2020 it will officially launch as free-to-play.

However, don't despair. It isn't very difficult to grab a free Rogue Company key right now. There were quite a few giveaways already, and a Twitch drop system similar to the one that Valorant used is another way to get a beta key. Even by signing up on the official website you may receive a key straight in your email, although hopefully you've done this a few weeks or months ago to get in the list – the odds of getting a key this way are somewhat slim right now.

So yes, Rogue Company comes with cross-platform play support right now, unlike other shooters that are taking their time to add this feature, such as Warframe or Apex Legends.

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