Is Spellbreak Cross-Progression | Does it Support Cross Save?

Is Spellbreak Cross-Progression

We already know that Spellbreak is cross-platform since day one, but what about cross-progression, also known as cross-save? Can you easily switch between platforms and keep your progress untouched, with one Spellbreak account that works wherever you choose to play? That's easier said than done, because this remains as the kind of rare feature that takes a few years to drop in the most high-profile games. Developer Proletariat has lifted the lid on this topic, so we finally get the answer to the question: is Spellbreak cross-progression?

Does Spellbreak Support Cross-Progression?

Does Spellbreak Support Cross-Progression

The answer to that question is yes, Spellbreak supports cross-progression on day one. When the game launches later this year for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, you'll get to create your Spellbreak account and use it to merrily switch between platforms while keeping your game progression, customization options, and stats. Furthermore, you can keep track of your friends and even create cross-platform teams.

“Breaking new ground in multiplayer titles has been Proletariat’s mission since the beginning,” said Seth Sivak, CEO of Proletariat, Inc. “Introducing cross-progression means you can play Spellbreak however you want, with whomever you want, and always ensure your progress in-game follows you to whatever platform you’re playing on. If you've leveled up to Master Toxicologist on your PlayStation 4, all of the time you have invested is still with you if you log-in to your game on PC, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch.”

Since Spellbreak is free-to-play, you have the comfort of switching between platforms as you wish. If you're a PC player at heart, that doesn't stop you from using the same account to play Spellbreak in the living room by booting up your console for a few rounds of magic battle royale. This is something that more games should feature and by the look of it, many developers are taking this into consideration – see Hi-Rez Studios' competitive shooter Rogue Company as another great example of day one cross-play and cross-save support.


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