Is Warframe Cross Platform? | Is Cross Play Supported in Warframe?

Is Warframe Cross Platform

Warframe has been available on PC since 2013, or longer if we count the closed beta that started in 2012. As the years went by, developer Digital Extremes converted the game to consoles, starting with the PlayStation 4. Soon after that came the Xbox One release and in 2018 it was the turn of the Nintendo Switch. But is Warframe cross platform in 2020, or does it remain as a game where players have to fight their wars unwillingly confined to their own gaming system?

Is Warframe Cross Platform? Does Warframe Support Cross Save?

Is Warframe Cross Platform

The normal path for any successful online game is to add cross-platform play. This happened with Fortnite and Rocket League, but other games such as Dauntless and Call of Duty Warzone also feature cross-play.

There have been quite a few interviews where Digital Extremes developers touched upon the topic of cross-platform play. However, it's not an easy topic to tackle for different reasons. One of them is that only recently Sony was persuaded to change tight grip on the possibility of cross-platform play, thanks to Epic Games persistence.

At the time of writing, Warframe has no cross-play or cross-save support. But you shouldn't lose hope, because it seems that Digital Extremes is interested in adding this feature. In fact, if it weren't for the constant stream of updates such as Empyrian or Railjack, this topic would probably be have been addressed already.

On January 2019, creative director Steve Sinclair discussed the issue, as PCGamer reports.

“As a player I would love it,” Sinclair said. “As a developer, it's one of the highest-risk things we can do. Because a lot of the games that are doing it—it's still very early days for this—A lot of those games came late to the platforms and had different negotiating environments to establish their contracts. On top of that, we are a game that is constantly changing. We change the game modes, we change the gameplay. We do huge, huge swings constantly, so, it is something that we're all interested in and we do discuss it.”

“Those things are a lot more doable than getting everything in sync and doing complete cross-play. Maybe it's more of a gradual step for us than an overnight switch.”

In a press event in preparation for the release of Empyrian, there were several questions and one of them was the following, by Emma Kent from Eurogamer, as WCCFTech noted:

“My second question. Earlier today, Minecraft cross-play was announced for PlayStation 4, so I was wondering if there's been any progress towards a cross-play solution for Warframe.”

“I mean, honestly, if I wasn't working on Railjack right now, that would be my number one thing to do with Warframe. We have such a variety of players across all our platforms and for them to have the ability to transfer their accounts around (cross-save) would make the experience, I think, so much more social for everyone. So if it's not Railjack, we're working on it. It's definitely going to be that, so I wish we had it right now.”

This year is surely going to bring a lot to the game. A Warframe hotfix here and there, surely at least one major content expansion, new Warframes, and more. But the statements above lead us to believe that Warframe is getting cross-save sooner or later. As for full cross-platform play, this is clearly a more difficult subject to tackle, so it would be surprising to see it happening in 2020.

We'll keep watching this matter as much as we can, because just like you, we can't wait to meet and cooperate with gamers from other platforms in some exciting Warframe cross-platform play.

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