League of Angels: Heaven’s Fury Codes | Gift Code Rewards (September 2022)

League of Angels: Heaven's Fury Codes

Updated September 13, 2022 | The latest game in the popular League of Angels series is now available worldwide. League of Angels: Heaven's Fury released on April 13, 2020, inviting players into another adventure where powerful and beautiful angels will fight at your side. Unofficially labeled by some fans as League of Angels 4, it puts a spin on the series by adding a focus on action-based gameplay. However, it remains an accessible game during its early levels, where anyone can rely on the auto mode to learn the mechanics. Later, things become more demanding as you deal with multiple systems to improve your character's battle rating. To help you out, why don't you use a few League of Angels: Heaven's Fury Codes?

League of Angels: Heaven's Fury Codes List | All Available Gift Codes

League of Angels: Heaven's Fury Codes

There aren't many gift codes available this close to launch, but you can take advantage of a few that were officially released by developer Youzou Games via its social media channels. These weren't easy to chance upon, so we're glad that we could gather them for you.

To redeem a Heaven's Fury gift code, you must click on the Bonus Hall option in the top right corner of the screen. Then, navigate to the Activation Code tab and enter the code to redeem your rewards. When the code is successfully redeemed, claim your rewards from the in-game mail system that you can find below the mini-map.

You must be aware that these gift codes will only work while they are active – while we have personally tried each and every one, the devs may turn them off at any time.

Here are all the known League of Angels: Heaven's Fury gift codes:

  • LoAHF20210421
  • E9913A0BEA68 (works only for new servers-players)
  • WELDISCORDCODE (This is newbie Discord player code)

Some of these codes give you packs containing 5x 50,000 diamonds, 5x 100 pink diamonds, and 50 equipment enhancement stones; other codes redeems 5x 50,000 and 50 equipment enhancement stones; just one more code example: 2x 50,000 diamonds, 100 pink diamonds, and 10 equipment enhancement stones.

We'll update the list with more codes as we find them.

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