League of Maidens Mobile | Is League of Maidens releasing for Android and iOS?

League of Maidens mobile release

It's debunk time again. If you're looking forward to the League of Maidens download and you're not afraid to admit it in public, you surely know a thing or two about the game. This is a bold project by Maiden Gaming, a team of three talented individuals who set out to create an action game akin to those superhero games and movies, except with a lot more of fan service. The League of Maidens Steam page is already live and gearing up for Early Access, but what about other platforms? For example, is there a League of Maidens mobile version in development?

League of Maidens Mobile | Is League of Maidens PC exclusive?

League of Maidens Character Creation

As we've mentioned above, all the eye-candy and thrilling action in League of Maidens comes courtesy of a small indie team. They are hard at work adding new features into the game, creating one of the most in-depth character creation systems ever made, tweaking several aspects of gameplay, and creating additional content such as diverse mobs. Besides, the Pose3D system that allows you to pose your heroines and capture amazing 4K photos is another feature that takes a lot of work, but will surely be appreciated by potential players.

Incidentally, there is only so much that three devs can do. There is currently no word on a League of Maidens console release, but we're not ruling that out yet. As for a League of Maidens mobile version, it was the developers themselves that clarified the matter.

Replying to a tweet showing a League of Maidens thumbnail illustrating an alleged Top 10 Android games, the devs showed their surprise and said that “we are definitely not releasing our game on Andriod [sic]”. You can read the full tweet below.

While League of Maidens isn't safe from being rushedly criticized as a game whose main selling point lies on its busty heroines, there seems to be far more to it than it looks at first sight. It surely seems to be technically competent, and far from the kind of game that you could port to mobile without significant cuts and a visual downgrade.

Unless something changes in the meantime – let's say that League of Maidens PC is a massive success and a third-party studio is hired to port the game -, a League of Maidens Mobile version isn't happening.

If you like the game and you want to become a League of Maidens Patron to support development, you can still do so.

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