League of Maidens Shard Farming Guide | How to Earn Shards

League of Maidens Shard Farming

Shards are a very important kind of currency in League of Maidens. You need these to permanently upgrade your skills, as an alternative to using gold – check our League of Maidens Skill Leveling Guide for more on how to level up your skills. Shards can be earned as rewards from repeatable quests and drop as loot from stronger enemies, so you must increase your character strength and take on foes that pose a challenge, as the prizes will be worth it. With the help of our League of Maidens shard farming guide you will know what to do to earn more shards.

The best way to earn shards in League of Maidens is by going into strongholds and using an item called Death Invitation. These items temporarily increase enemy levels inside strongholds for a few minutes, enough for you to eliminate them and get better loot in the process. The best way to deal with dungeon mobs is by making them follow you in a large group and then using your most devastating skill attacks.

How to Farm Shards in League of Maidens

League of Maidens Shard Farming

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You use Death Invitations straight from your inventory, but you must be Guardian Level 5 at least to use the lowest of them. To increase your Guardian Level you have to complete increasingly difficult training missions runs in your headquarters, up to three a day.

Death Invitations can be earned from loot crates and by completing repeatable quests, such as killing 15 filth enemies. You can also buy additional Death Invitations from Ako's Rare Item Shop on the second floor of your headquarters, but these cost shards, so make sure that you are able to spend them at the time.

With that being said, earning shards is a slow process that will require a steady grind. Hopefully you will be able to alternate this with main and side quests, as well as crafting materials that you can also use to level up skills in your Loadout screen. Stick to it and in a few days you should see the improvements.

We hope this League of Maidens shard farming guide pointed you in the right direction. Good luck!

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