League of Maidens Skill Leveling Guide | How to Level Up

League of Maidens Skill Leveling guide

Maiden Gaming's fan-service-y third-person shooter League of Maidens will surely delight fans of fast-paced action games, but there is a lot more to it than what you may have thought. Leveling up in League of Maidens is a multi-layered affair. You have a few systems to learn before you can properly strengthen your war maiden, so the sooner you get to it the better. We'll cover a few aspects of League of Maidens in various guides, including how to level up skills, how experience points work, what are Battle Points (BP) and how you can earn them, and much more. We'll start with a League of Maidens skill leveling guide, so that you can make your weapons and skills permanent, and unlock additional abilities.

League of Maidens Skill Leveling Guide | Understanding Interim Skills

League of Maidens Skill Leveling Guide

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Interim Skill Leveling allows you to level up your primary, secondary, and three special skills. You earn XP (experience points) by eliminating enemies and regularly increase your XP level. Each time that the XP level gauge is filled, you climb a level and get the opportunity to upgrade one of the five equipped skills – Left Mouse Button, Right Mouse Button, Q, E, and R.

As the name implies, an Interim Skill Point gives you a temporary stat boost above your base skill level, up to a total of five additional skill points. These points reset daily, so use them during your playthrough to earn the most loot and in-game currency that you can – gold, shards, and so on.

The best way to go on about League of Maidens Interim Skills is to do your best to raise them as soon as you start a new game session. Since they are tied to your XP gain, be on the lookout for missions that reward you with experience points, and consistently try to eliminate bigger enemies, another reliable source of XP. The more dangerous they are, the more gain. A great way of earning XP without roaming the open world map is by taking on a stronghold, a.k.a. dungeon, where a succession of enemies await you. This way, you'll see your experience points increase at a very recommendable level.

League of Maidens Skill Leveling Guide | Permanent Skills

League of Maidens Leveling Skill guide Permanent Skills

Now that you're past the shocking surprise of seeing your skills reset (that's why they're called Interim Skills), it's time to build up on your Permanent Skills. To do this you must access your Loadout screen by pressing Y or clicking the icon on the upper right area of the desktop screen. This is where you'll see your current skills, abilities, and perks.

The Loadout will display the skills that we have mentioned above: M1 Skill, M2 Skill, Q Skill, E Skill, and R Skill. You start by choosing your class specific skill or Dual Pistol skill for M1, and then you can browse the remaining skills to see which ones suit your fancy.

You have to unlock skills before you can use them. You do this by spending a specific amount of shards or gold, and the same goes for upgrading skills. Skills that are mentioned as out-of-class are much more expensive to unlock and upgrade. However, any upgrades that you make to a skill in the Loadout screen are permanent, which means that you get a valuable skill stat boost that won't expire, unlike Interim Skills.

Boosting your skills is one of the things that you should focus on right from the start. Take on strongholds, use Death Invitations items to increase the level of enemies that show up, assuming you feel confident that you can eliminate them, and the loot will be of higher quality. Shards, XP, and BP rewards will be extremely valuable when you want to level up your skills and Guardian Level.

We hope this League of Maidens skill leveling guide has helped you out and cleared any confusion that you had with the way that Interim and Permanent skills work.


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