League of Maidens Totem Locations Map Guide

League of Maidens Totem Locations

Daily missions, or dailies as they are usually called are very important in League of Maidens. It is one of the best ways to earn experience and level up your interim skills, while also earning you a few valuable items. While some dailies are extremely easy and quick to complete, such as liking one creation from the beauty album or using a specific items, others may require more time. Such is the case with the tasks that require you to kill a certain number of enemies, or that task where you must destroy a couple of totems in Freedom City. These totems aren't exactly easy to find, quite on the contrary; they can be very easy to miss. That is why we have created this League of Maidens totem locations map guide for everyone who is struggling with this mission.

League of Maidens Totem Spawn Locations Map

League of Maidens Totem Locations Map

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Apparently, totems can only be found in Freedom City so far, although that doesn't mean we wont be tasked with finding them (or an equivalent) in the Necropolis Desert or Santonia Islands. According to one of the daily missions, you must cleanse two totems in Freedom City, so let's get to it.

Red totems spawn in random locations and if you find that one of your daily challenges consists in cleansing a couple of them, here's how you can do it. Check the totem spawn locations map guide above, which covers 12 spots in Freedom City. Since in League of Maidens you can cover ground very quickly by flying or using a futuristic bike mount, it won't take a long time. Besides, these totems are very small – about your character's height –  and can be destroyed in a few seconds. They are harmless as well, so the big challenge lies in finding them.

Apart from occasionally showing up in daily challenges, totems may also drop Death Invitation items. These can be used in strongholds to increase the enemy levels, resulting in better loot. But that's a matter for our other guide, how to earn more shards in League of Maidens.


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